Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Amy Gets A Work Visa And Has No Place To Play

Amy Winehouse sobered up long enough to make it through a personal interview at the US Embassy in London and was issued a visa to perform in the United States. Since Amy's husband isn't working he did not need to be interviewed and is therefore free to come to the US, and kill himself here.

When Amy made all these plans to work in the US, the writers strike was a speck in the distance. Amy was scheduled to perform at the mtvU Woodies which I discovered, despite its name is not an erection contest for college guys. After her performance at the Stiffies she was scheduled to perform on Dave and then Conan and finally do SNL on Saturday night before passing out from working four consecutive days.

After her arrest she canceled her appearance at the Chubbies, Dave and Conan are off the air and so is SNL. I guess she could go on Regis or the morning shows, but I don't think early morning and harsh lighting would show off Amy in the best light. I have offered to have Amy come perform in my basement and make it available to everyone on the internet. It wouldn't pay much, but my mom would make martinis and Blake could find a nice quiet corner.

I will let you know if Amy accepts the invitation to be the first "Live from the Basement" performer. Meanwhile if any of you have basements on the east coast for her or a place to stay while she is here, I think she would like that. Also needed are drug contacts and a way to access the hookers on craigslist for her.


~crazy peanut~ said...

Why do I feel the need to shower with bleach after seeing photo's of this woman?

Jen Ryan's Brain said...

come play our Interfaith Xmas show, Amy! NYC right in the heart of midtown! I promise not to make fun of you and occasionally I know where the weed dealers hang out on 44th street. said...

I'm sure the Church of Scientology would welcome her with open arms.

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping that Ent meant to add "husband" at the end of that last paragraph. Since I don't think Amy's lookin' for hookers on craigslist, she seems to be able to hook up with whoever she wants whenever (excepting snoop doggy dogg).

ablake said...

I'm in Nashville, would be more than happy to show her around. No way in hell I would let her stay at my house though. She'd probably try to smoke my shih-tzu.

__-__=__ said...

She might do well on the morning shows considering the time change coming across the pond.


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