Monday, November 05, 2007

Oprah Is Devastated But Also Is Covering Her Ass

In the latest news coming from OWLS, Oprah said, "This is one of the most devastating experiences of my life, but there's a lot to be gained, a lot to be learnt. (But) we are moving forward. What I know is that no one, not the accused, will destroy the dream that I have held (for this academy) and I am prepared to do whatever is necessary to ensure it becomes the safe, nurturing place that I have envisioned. (When I found out about the allegations) I was so stunned I couldn't wrap my brain around it. I was going from room to room in my house crying. But I pulled myself together and started making calls, to find out how best to look after the girls."

"I take it very personally as I said to the girls this summer before any I knew any of this was going on. I said to them, 'I am a mama bear when it comes to protecting my children', and these girls are like my children. I take the responsibility of what their futures hold personally. I don't feel it's harmed my personal reputation as I have not done anything wrong. It's a horrible situation but (when I spoke to the girls) I encouraged them to speak up to protect themselves and their fellow classmates that this is about taking their voices back. I assured them that the abuse will end and good will prevail."

"(The case) has shaken me to my core, but at the core is a spiritual foundation and my belief that everything happens for a reason and these things will pass. I am grateful to their parents, guardians and the caretaker for their continued support. The resilience of the human spirit is stronger than hatred, violence and loss, and it's also stronger than any abuse. Their (the girls') lights will not be diminished by this experience."

First of all can you imagine a bail of just $458? I know it is a poor country, but still. Plus, you would think the accused could come up with it if Oprah was paying her a decent wage. How much were these people making anyway? The thing that I found most disheartening about what Oprah said was the fact that she says she didn't do anything wrong personally. The only reason to lay that out now and probably to the parents is to start her defense in case of a lawsuit.

If you were a parent wouldn't you sue? To me, Oprah is responsible. It is her school, she did the personal interviews of all the kids, so I think it is reasonable to assume she must have personally interviewed the employees. If she didn't. How come she didn't? What kind of safeguards did she have built in? It seems as if from her firings that she wants to blame the boss of the accused as they should be responsible, but what? It stops with the boss at the school and not with Oprah herself?

I know she was devastated, but I think she needs to step up and say, "hey, the buck stops with me."


Kim's World said...

HEY ENT please tell me the reason behing shia trepassing thing at walgreen was he looking for someone and thats why he was asked to leave seriously walgreen is opened 24 hours i want to know

Anonymous said...

Love the blog-tag on this one, EL. I'm sure it'll be reused many a time.

jax said...

Shia was drunk dude..look er up.

Kim's World said...

oh cause nobody said what happened only that they asked him to leave....

Tracee said...

[taking off earrings & shoes and putting vaseline on my face.]

Please bitch! I can't believe you cribbing Bush language to explain what happened at your school:

"I assured them that the abuse will end and good will prevail."

"Their (the girls') lights will not be diminished by this experience."

You think we're stupid?! Why describe your crying from room #2 to room #531? What about those girls? What kinda of sobbing were they doing when your ass was getting your kitty licked by Gayle? And no one cares how your "name" has been affected Oprah! We want to know how those girls are!

And for that I'm ready to take a belt upside your head with that fake jibber jabber.

Ooooh Ent! You know an Oprah post always gets my blood pumping! said...

Ent, I'm no Oprah champion, but you really can't place the blame with her. I'm sure the accused had all the proper credentials. You never know who is going to do sh*t like molest kids.

Now if the person has been accused in the past and a proper background check wasn't done....then its suing time.

kellygirl said...

Deep pockets, O.

YahMoBThere said...

EL, you didn't do your research. She's already stated she did NONE of the hiring after she placed the admins there.

But once again, it's all about her.


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