Monday, November 05, 2007

Halle Berry Isn't A Doctor And Didn't Stay At A Holiday Inn Express

Halle Berry has performed her own medical miracle and doctor's aren't happy about it because it isn't possible and she is confusing the hell out of other people.

Halle Berry suffers from diabetes, but she has pissed off a bunch of doctors by claiming she had succeeded in downgrading the severity of her disease with a healthy diet. The actress was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes many years ago, but recently alleged that she has reclassified herself as a Type 2 diabetic simply through good living.

Doctors though say she is confusing fellow diabetics with her comments.

A diabetes specialist said, "If you come off insulin, then you were always a Type 2. She is feeding into all the confusion in the world." People diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes cannot reverse their condition because their pancreas is destroyed, whereas Type 2 sufferers still internally produce some insulin."

The problem is, her interview has caused many diabetes patients to wonder if they can cure themselves like Halle or if she got some kind of treatment that they couldn't get. Just when you think Halle is doing good she does something like this. It's kind of like, great career, great career, hit and run. Or great career, great career, my boyfriend is a sex addict.


Ninabeth84 said...

I also have Type 2 diabetes - which I also regulate with a very strict diet and vitamin supplements.
On one hand, I really am glad to see a celebrity with the disease promoting a healthy focused diet as a natural alternative, however, if you are going to take the time to speak out publicly on an issue, you should get your friggin facts checked first.

Additionally, she may have left out information about switching doctors and being diagnosed differently..... I can see how this has the possibility of being misquoted.

But glad to see a fellow Type II who takes the diet part seriously like they should. I have older relatives who are overweight and have severe health issues..... They feel that they take all the meds, so it should even out their eating habits..... very fustrating! lol

kellygirl said...

Anyone who takes medical advise from celebrities is a moron!!!!!!!!!

That's like asking Tom Cruise what to do with your autistic child.


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