Monday, November 05, 2007

Random Photos Part One

I'm just surprised that with all the botox, that Carson Kressley can smile at all.
I think Celine Dion is telling Rene where she is going to stick the award. By the way, don't you think that if you are getting a lifetime award for singing, that when you sing at the show, you should actually sing like all the other performers and not lip sync. It kind of just says that maybe they made a mistake in giving you a singing award if you are not going to sing.
Wow. That is just not attractive on Christina Aguilera at all. Although, I will say that she looks so much better without the Kabuki makeup and should just say no more often.
Didn't Britney Spears used to shill for Pro Activ? She might want to give them a call.
Nick Lachey is all smiles because he remembers the last poolside encounter with Vanessa Lemon Jello when they were out of the country. I just hope the other girl isn't a third.

I think Mena Suvari has some kind of fungus growing on her, because that is the only excuse that makes sense for what she is wearing.
When I see Lauren Conrad with the sock puppet it makes me think of What About Bob? Love that movie.
Javier Bardem needs to stop this little move before it gets out of hand.
Ooops. Too late.


kellygirl said...

Carson Kressley could stand to skip the next Botox visit and splurge on a nose job.

Mena Suvari is HOT!

Javier can put his hands in my pockets.

califblondy said...

Javier could put his hands anywhere.

(I was going to mention the finger, but thought I'd be nice)...

Anonymous said...

Javier and Jeffery Dean Morgan (izzy's dead boyfriend on Grey's/the dad on Supernatural) look identical.

And Javi has given us m4m guys a little joy. Rent "Second Skin". WOW, a little full everything man on man.

Renika said...

Pepa (in pic with Nick and Vanessa)? Girl I barely recognized you with that fake nose...

Tracee said...

Deja Vu, once again the media pits two pop musicians against another, but this time who could look the most busted...

Britney of course (But Xtina had me on the fence for a minute.)

kellygirl said...

DNFROMMN - I can see the JDM resemblance, but I always get a Robert Downey Jr vibe from Bardem.

think I'm going to take your suggestion and rent 2nd Skin

UKGrrl said...

omg pepa!


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