Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Guy Ritchie Is An Idiot

I want you to know that Guy's idiocy is generally attributable only to marrying Madonna, casting her, in a film, and not signing Jason Statham to some unbreakable 30 year contract, and forcing him to live in your basement. Hell, he should have just married Jason for as much fun as he probably has with Madonna.

In an interview with BANG Showbiz, Guy spoke about how Madonna canceled Christmas two years ago because she only celebrates Jewish holidays. Fine, good, whatever. It's your life, and your conversion and everyone should be able to do what they want to do. Of course the fact that she did this when her oldest kid turned 9 probably caused a little resentment in the house. Did you know Lourdes was only 11? Doesn't it seem like she should be like 20 by now?

Not so says Guy. Guy would have us believe that "Once we cancelled it we stopped all the presents, and once we stopped all the presents we started enjoying ourselves more." I would say about 70% of my readers have kids. If you stopped giving presents at Christmas time to your kid I don't see how they would enjoy themselves more. Do you think a six or seven year old kid is going to be repeating the mantra that it is all about the season? Hell no. Kids want toys and presents if for nothing else so the other kids don't treat them like freaks when school starts again. And you, as a parent, how are you enjoying it more when your kid is asking you every five seconds why some other kid got a boatload of toys and the only thing under your Christmas tree was a cat, or an adopted dog with a collapsed trachea. Long story. Involved candy canes, and Jim Beam.

The only reason they may be enjoying it more is they are saying something like, "No, you aren't getting anything for Christmas, but on the day after Christmas you can take your mom's credit card and buy whatever the hell you want."


Kevin said...

I also love the fact that these fools won't let thier kids watch TV. Hmmm, for a couple who have made thier boatloads of money whoring themselves out to the media, whether it be fucking Vanilla Ice, or writing childrens books (cos Madonna is a great moral role model) I cannot believe they won't let thier kida watch TV cos it is bad. And now no Chrismas for someone who is the material girl? Fuck you Madonna. I fucking hate her. Fucking greedy cunt.

Jolara said...

I can't imagine not having Christmas in our lives and not opening presents with the family. I do agree that Christmas has definately gotten completely out of hand as it is WAY too materialistic anymore. BUT, it's fun to open gifts and watch the kids open theirs. She needs to pick one religion and one family tradition and stick with it.

jax said...

wow Kevin really said it there didn't he?

MAdge at least take your daughter to see Anastasia your waxer to the stars. Heavean forbid Madge has a stray hair on her brow..but fuck me look at that poor girl..its like her father in drag.

Kristen S. said...

I freaking love Christmas...the music, the decorations, the presents, the egg nog, the comaraderie. Everything. And I'm in no way Christian.

mooshki said...

Kristen S., the first time I heard about people not having Christmas decorations up because it was un-pc I was like "what on earth does Christmas have to do with religion?!" Seriously, I didn't know. (As a kid.)

Uber*nought said...

Guy Ritchie is an idiot, but his kids are cute. The little boy is a real Mini Me, isn't he?

weezy said...

One word: Hanukkah.

K said...

Well, in terms of the kids getting stuff, they are Madonna's kids. Somehow I don't think they don't get stuff. But I still can't imagine that no Christmas went over so well with the kids.

Farm Girl Pink... said...

I can tell you why Madonna does not allow her kids to watch TV. She does not want to have to explain to a 11 yr old daughter how big of wh*re she used to be... haha!

Seriously... can you image the first time that Lourdes watches the E! True Hollywood Story - Madonna version.

Can you image the first time Lourdes gets a glimpse of the infamous "Sex Book".

Yea... Madonna has a ticking time bomb on her hands. And she can keep it at bay if the children don't watch TV.

I really am amazed by her sudden moral righteous she has came into... since she became British & Jewish. haha!

And I can not believe she has decided to cancel Christmas... I am sure this is only adding to the pile of issue's that the daughter will spend years trying to work through with her shrink.

GammaGirl said...

I'm confused. It sucks that Madge canceled christmas when Lourdes was 9, but its not as if she's getting lumps of coal for the holidays.
They are celebrating Hanukkuh, right?

I agree that changing religious holidays and tradition when children are young could be hard on them, but this doesn't seem so bad.

Leah said...

Dear Mom,
I hate you.


YahMoBThere said...

What Kevin said.

Kelli said...

she's out of her friggin mind.
i kind of feel sorry for those kids, b/c they're going to need therapy for years after they realize what a nut she is.
Lourdes struts around in designer duds, goes to premieres when she should be in bed, and the reality of her life is that the outfit she is wearing in the picture above could probably pay my mortgage for a month. Hypocrosy at its best. And tell me, where is the adopted kid???? Is he even around anymore, or did she get bored with him too??????

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm sure Lourdes and Rocco will feel deprived. It's just that their closets full of Burberry and Savile Rowe lead me to think otherwise.

redgurl72 said...

Dude they are Madonna's kids - every day is fricken Christmas! I'm feeling zero sympathy.

b said...

ummm ENT if presents are important to these kids then they'll adore hanukah - multiple days of presents

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