Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Ryan Seacrest Gets Out The Kneepads For Hulk Hogan

This morning on Ryan Seacrest's radio program, Hulk Hogan was a guest. Instead of asking pointed questions about John Graziano and speeding, and the recent revelations about Hogan's wife and her love of drag racing, Ryan and Ellen (Ryan's even bigger kiss ass co-host) instead decided to both take out their best set of kneepads, and start blowing.

They let Hogan go on and on about his new television program that he was there to plug as well as talk about his VH1 show and his family. They let him talk about his past glories, and even asked him about the origin of his damn mustache. But not once, in the 10 minutes that I listened did they mention the racing or John Graziano's coma or anything other than Hogan trying to make a buck and Ryan doing his very best sucking to make sure that happens.

Instead of talking about how Hogan and his family have tried to blame Graziano's injuries on a lack of seatbelt, the hosts instead wanted pointers on how Ellen's six year old son could perfect his moves so he could be exactly like Hogan. Great, and maybe after that he could learn how to drive cars exactly like Hogan's son and also put someone in a coma, and then blame it all on the victim.

Nice role model for your son Ellen. Ryan Seacrest has always wanted Larry King's job. He definitely has the sucking down and with Ellen there to help, they won't miss a thing.


jax said...

Ryan Seacrest has always been a suckass,not surprising. They should have kept Dunkleman instead.

Maybe if he acted more like his scene in Knocked Up more people woudl respect him.

As for Hogan, he can fuck right off,self promoting publicity whore.
I am so disgusted at that family for their reactions and trying to blame the so called best freind he put in a coma for life. Please that's like a plane crash and the pilot blaming everyone for not putting their heads between their legs.

kellygirl said...

you can take the Hillbillies out of the Ozarks but ...

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