Friday, November 23, 2007

Sarah Ferguson Happy To Be A George Clooney Booty Call

Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York has admitted to having a crush on George Clooney during an interview on Radio 2, but claimed she stood no chance of attracting the actor because of her looks.

She said: "Clooney is so good looking. He's lovely!

"But the thing is that these men all go for wonderful, young, blonde women, don't they?"

Now obviously she didn't come right out and say that George should call her when he is horny, but face it, I'm guessing she wouldn't hang up on him. Hell, I wouldn't hang up on him. Now I'm not saying he wouldn't have to take her to dinner once. No matter what she says, I don't think she's going to let him just come over in the middle of the night and do her. Actually, when is the last time she went out with anyone? Maybe she would let him come over without buying her food first.

I know there would be no relationship because she really seems like a big pain in the ass, and very high maintenance. That is definitely not what our narcissistic, commitment phobe actor is looking for. He likes women who think of him as a father figure and are willing to let him come in and out of their lives when he is ready to use them. Not really The Duchess at all.

7 comments: said...

I think she's looking good. She looks better now than when she was younger.

jax said...

i like Fergie version 1.0.
She was a rockstar Royal in her day.

K said...

High Maintenance? I should imagine GC is more High maintenance than Fergie!

She looks great in that pic too..

jax said...

nooooooo kidding. we all know George is a mo anyway lol.

member his lil tea party fight with Fabio? and how he said he ddin't want his picture takenw ith his girlfreind having a private dinner and then lost his shit? well take another look at those girlfriend. just an older distinguished MAN at his table. gee George,wonder why that was a such a big deal????

Khemenu said...

In the pics I saw you could see the girlfriend.

MnGddess said...

I have been a huge fan og Georgie's for years.I just pray that the whole "fat girl" thing with Fabio was blown out of context. (Yes, Jaz, I can hear you mumbling.)

I think Sarah is terrific. She cared more about her children than her position in society. I read in one of her articles that she has weekly dinners with the kids and dad. I think she comes off as a decent sort.

And George needs to grow up.

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