Friday, November 23, 2007

"Lost" Shutting Down Next Week

By next week at this time, Lost will be halfway through their filming schedule for this season. Unfortunately, they will also be out of scripts. Next week, when filming is concluded on episode 8, everyone will be sent home, and production shut down. A party scheduled for next week in Hawaii to celebrate the Season 3 DVD launch of the show has been canceled. Even when the writers do come back to work, there will be a significant delay between script delivery and the resumption of production. The logistics of production on this show are such that unless the writers come back very quickly, we might just see a half season now, and then the rest next fall. If the writers stay out until after New Year, the plan would be to film one, or perhaps two episodes for a cliffhanger during May sweeps, and then just have a full season next fall.


- said...

boo hoo!
I really need my annual Lost fix!

Miss X said...

NOOOOO!!! Lost is the best thing on tv. This sucks.

TPTB, please pay the writers more. Or else, I'm going to start reading books for fun instead of watching tv. Better for my mind, anyway.

RandomRamblings said...

The strike is messing up the schedules of every show. 24 has alredy been taken off the schedule this year. If it does not end soon, spring TV schedules will look terrible and be flooded with repeats and bad reality/game shows that the networks rejected previously but have no choice but to show now.

RandomRamblings said...
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RandomRamblings said...
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