Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Nick Hogan Has License Suspended

The Tampa Tribune is reporting that a letter was sent to Bollea informing him Monday of the one-year suspension. He also received a letter telling him he has to pay a fine for driving 106 mph during the crash, if we want to prevent his license from being suspended indefinitely. The amount of the fine was not known.

''We have the ability to suspend someone's license if we believe what they could be convicted of is a potential danger should this person remain on the road,'' said Ann Nucatola, a spokeswoman for the Florida Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles. ''We've deemed him dangerous to the general public on the road.'' A Hogan family spokesman, Adam Handelsman, has said previously that Bollea has no prior criminal record, and has challenged reports that he caused the crash by driving fast.

I know that this has become one of my pet causes, and have ridiculed the Hogan family for their callousness, but now I need to also take a shot at the Graziano family. John Graziano, the former Marine who has been comatose since the crash, has been ruled incapacitated and needs someone to act for him. Instead of pulling together for him in his time of need, his parents have instead been fighting over the money John is sure to get as a result of the crash. Both of John's parents have been fighting in court over who would be best to be his guardian/conservator and in charge of his care. The person deemed to be best would be in control of all the money. No doubt the money would be used for John's best interest, but it will also be done in what will probably be a very nice new home and with very nice new amenities for the home, plus a very generous allowance the guardian will need because they will no longer be able to work, but will have to take care of John full-time.

Stop being greedy, and start taking care of your son.


jax said...


MnGddess said...

Why is taking pictures in front of his car like he's proud of himself? Disgusting.

YahMoBThere said...

Yeah, well you know what? We don't know anything about that family and what their motives are in fighting to be guardian. It's not always about money.

Ninabeth84 said...

What a tool said...

If they ever make a live action movie of "King of the Hill", I hope they cast him as Bobby. Looks just like him.

Miss X said...

This whole thing makes me sick. I'm happy to hear his license has been suspended.

I only hope John's family can do what is best for him. Why can't both his parents be guardians? You know the non-guardian parent is going to accuse the other of not taking care of their son.

This is so sad. And to think it most likely could have been prevented.

kellygirl said...

I don't think ANY media outlet should be talking about the Graziano family and what they are going through. They have made NO attempt at publicity. So they're fighting a bit while they work through making some very hard decisions during an extremely painful situation. So what? This type of tragedy can tear apart the tightest family. We don't need to talk about them or hear about them or judge them.

Now, the HOGAN family, that's a whole different story. They are publicity whores. The entire family should have their licenses suspended. And Mama Ho should have her parentling rights expelled.

YahMoBThere said...

Kelly, AMEN AMEN AMEN!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I dont understand how a woman can be so stupid, that she'd deny saying things that she said...on camera.

bionic bunny! said...

i'm with you on this, enty. i don't care how much animosity there is between john's parents, they need to band together for the sake of their son, and for other people driving public roads with the bollea family.
enty, what is the law in florida regarding parental responsibility involving their minor child? i know it varies state to state.

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