Friday, November 23, 2007

A Reveal

Somewhere in the blind items is a story about Michael Buble chaeting on girlfriend Emily Blunt. I actually thinks it involves more than just cheating, but haven't had a chance to go through and find it. The Globe has an exclusive interview with Tiffany Bromley who Buble has been having sex with for about ten years. Since Bromely is 28, no one wants to actually say he has been boffing her for eleven years. Call it approximately ten years and it makes it all good.

Anyway, even though he is living with Emily Blunt, Buble still finds the time to have sex with Bromley in the bed he shares with Blunt.

Bromley told The Globe: "Michael is a cheater and a rat. We've made mad, passionate love a couple of times since he and Emily have been together. The last time was August 17 in the apartment they share in Vancouver."

She also revealed that the Canadian singer had once asked her to take part in a threesome, saying: "I told him, 'No way!' He said, 'Don't knock it till you've tried it. You don't know what you're missing.'"

Now raise your hands if you believe that Ms. Bromley hasn't had a 3some. This is a woman who is knowingly having sex in the bed Buble shares with his girlfriend. If she hasn't, then is Buble having 3somes with Emily or without her.


Khemenu said...

There was a Lainey blind item about a guy cheating on his girlfriend with different girls and also making sex tapes with different girls. Most people thought it was him.

princess pea said...

I thought this might be the answer to the November 16th (#4) blind, and said so in the comments. Of course, I could be way off on this one, as most people thought JT/JB.

Uber*nought said...

Bromley told The Globe: "Michael is a cheater and a rat. We've made mad, passionate love a couple of times since he and Emily have been together.

I just love these women that pile the blame onto the man instead of equally admitting their own part in the cheating and rattery.

Then again, I'm not even convinced Emily and Buble were a genuine couple so what the hell, who knows. Maybe it was just for show anyway. Who the hell knows what to believe any more.

kellygirl said...

note to any "regular" person having affair with celebrity:
if there are any cameras involved, you best get your hands on them. If you're going to start running your mouth or trying to make a buck off it, the evidence comes in handy.

Mother Campfire said...

I feel cheap. And used. This was the easiest one of reveal. :(

jax said...

Well this is what happens when a tubby piece of shit gets famous..he needs to get all the p*ssy denied to him in high school.

featherbell said...

Wait a minute -- a threesome with another GUY? Or another GIRL? I thought it was well-known that Emily Blunt was Anne Hathaway's ex-squeeze?

Kelli said...

ew he's just creepy looking.

Unknown said...

Now this bums me out, because I think Emily Blunt is absolutely adorable.

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