Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Redneck Can't Find Outhouse -- Tears Down Condo

No, that's not some headline from some southern newspaper. It's actually about Britney Spears. Do you remember last year when she was spending so much time out at Marina Del Ray? You know, she would go out there, and then get on a boat, and sit there. Not do anything but just sit on the boat and stare off into space for hours on end. Well, not hours, just until the drugs wore off and the rocking was actually from the boat itself and not the fact that your eyes were bouncing up and down in your head like basketballs.

Most people would just drive the five or ten miles from their house to the docks. Not Britney. She rented a $1.5M condo there and now she is being sued because it can never be rented again.

Real estate agent Amir E. Zagross rented the property in Marina Del Rey to Britney and her family in August 2006, but he claims he could not rent it out again after they had left.

Zagross told Life & Style magazine: "I met Britney at the condo myself with her mother, brother, sons and her bodyguards. They assured me they were immaculate, nice people who would take care of the property. But the damage was significant."

He added: "They destroyed it. We couldn't re-rent the condo because of the state it was in."

The Spears family had trashed the walls, floors, doors, electrical outlets, balcony and the air conditioning unit. I don't remember how much total time she spent down sitting on that boat last year, but all of this damage had to have taken place over a very brief period of time. It could have been Jamie Lynn Spears I guess. She could have been using it as a place to party her little teenage mind out without any parental or other interference and after a bong or six wanted to discover how electricity operates and what better way then to destroy the walls and follow the wires from room to room in the condo.

The floors were obviously destroyed when she and her friends decided to make their condo the upper part of a two story loft with the unit downstairs. I don't know what they were doing with the a/c unit except maybe trying to find a way to get beer cold faster by placing it directly inside the unit. It was obviously ruined when the cans started exploding inside the unit. Lesson learned. Always buy beer in bottles.


jax said...

god she has no shame,no respect and no class.

actually i take that back- she puts the ASS in class.

weezy said...

She's so dumb she doesn't even have a staffer to cover up scandals like this.

Kristen S. said...

Britney is no different than any white trash lottery winner...no idea what to do with all that money, totally ignorant about what constitutes polite or classy.

Jolara said...

I truly wish all the tabloids, news and any other place that puts her name out there minute after minute, day in and day out would just stop! Perhaps if we leave "it" alone and pay "it" no attention, maybe, just maybe "it" will go away. "It's" presence is SO old and worn out. All the comments, shock value and outright disgrace is the same everyday. The dang horse is dead already, let it just lie there to rot already, please!...Cause frankly I am sick of my local 6'o clock news (& I do not live in California)reporting how they got yet another crotch shot or car issue or whatever about "it" again. Who friggin cares????

Farm Girl Pink... said...

I just don't buy into this story. It reeks of bullshit. Granted the girl is a mess... but I just am tired of some loser, daily, coming forward with another "Britney" story with no proof. Just another loser looking for their 3 minutes of fame.

But sadly if she had any sense she would have kept her butt at home... and hire the ultimate anti-christ for a lawyer and make all of it stop.

jax said...

the diffenrece between white trash and Brit is that she doesn't have manners, respect for other people and beleives we are all existing in HER world. Gimme more indeed.
No one has evert old this spoiled c*nt NO. Thats what happens when you surround your child at a young age with Yes Men....

Jerry said...

Enty sez...

Lesson learned. Always buy beer in bottles.

Unless you're going to the opera.

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