Friday, November 23, 2007

Jennifer Aniston Gets Ego Boost

With all of her friends fading away on a wave of neediness and insecurity, Jennifer Aniston went to the one place where she was sure to find people who would kiss her ass and tell her how wonderful she is. Her high school reunion. Jennifer went to her 20th year reunion this week. Everyone who attended says Jennifer was delightful and would just sit there and let the other person go on and on about how wonderful Jennifer is in everything she does. When the person ran out of nice things to say, or wasn't as flattering as could be, Jen would make her excuses and find the next person.

the Rudolf Steiner School in Manhattan is where Jennifer attended school from the ages of 11-18, so you know these people probably know her well. Hell, maybe she found an old boyfriend, and got laid. Then she can drag him out in public for a few days, so the world knows who he is, dump him to make him feel miserable, and then just move on.

Do you think maybe if she just got a chance to kick Brad Pitt in the balls, she would get over all this? Do you know what a pain in the ass you must be if David Arquette doesn't want to hang out with you? Look at his family, and what he puts up with, and he doesn't want to hang out with Jennifer anymore. Speaks volumes baby. (Said in a Vince Vaughn voice)


jax said...

she does need to kick him in the balls and good. maybe their marriage was over when he met angie,maybe it wasnt' either way he did nothing to make it any easier on her in the public eye.

its ok Jen, angie verbally kicks in the balls 24/7.

dragonfly said...

Well Jen has 2 new movies coming out in 2008. This means 2 new fake boyfriends, 10 magazines covers proclaiming how she has moved on and how she gets just the right highlights in her hair, and then blaming everyone and their dog as to why her movies flopped. I'm bored already.

dragonfly said...
This comment has been removed by the author. said...

I always hesitate to get involved in Brangelina discussions, but I'm with Jax on this one, the way he dumped her was cold and cruel, and he could have been more of a gentleman about things.

jax said...

yup..i dont care if the shoot was for Mr/Mrs Smith..that vanity fair spread was just heartless..especially since Brad knew what was going on.

Kelli said...

yeah, I agree. That was heartless, and of course having the whole world know what a fool you look like is even worse.

Nothing's worse than losing your man to a prettier, sexier, younger woman.

And just the fact that they keep proclaiming their 'happiness' over and over to the point of exhaustion- I'm personally sick of hearing it already. I know this sounds really snarky but I'm kind of looking forward to reading about the downfall LOL.


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