Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Today's Blind Items

One big blind item for tomorrow and Friday. The only post for tomorrow will be the first part of the long blind item. If I wake up from my turkey coma, Friday should be normal. Normal in the sense there will be multiple posts. Not normal in the sense that I won't be at work, and therefore will be drinking the entire time I am posting.

Last year on the day before Thanksgiving, I brought to you the story of L. I know I promised to reveal L, and after the trial that is taking place the first week of January, I will be able to finally do so and to keep my promise. I know many of you have already read it before, and so may be disappointed there is nothing new today. However, for many readers, this will be their first encounter with the woman who still touches my heart whenever I think of her.

I hope that everyone in the US has an incredible Thanksgiving. Spend time with your loved ones, and enjoy, what I consider to be the very best holiday. I am truly thankful for each and every one of you. Thank you for spending a little bit of your valuable time with me each day, and for coming into my life. What started out as a rant or two has become so much more. I can honestly tell you that this blog would have died a long time ago without your support, comments and e-mails. On days when the work is piling up and I can't think of a damn thing to write or don't want to write, all of you make me want to keep going. Whether you like me, hate me, disagree with me, or all of the above, you really are what keeps me going and I appreciate each and everyone of you. You inspire me, push me, and make me want to deliver the very best for you each and every day. Thank you.


The Lovely L

My first glimpse of her is someone with class. She is elderly, and as I will discover later is in her late 80's. I love this woman from the first time I lay my eyes on her and know she will be fun if nothing else. Her husband was a producer in the early days of Hollywood and died about fifteen years prior to her coming to see me.

She did not appear to have much money, but appearances can be deceiving. She truly seemed to be the definition of old money at least as it applies to LA. She had enough interest coming in to pay for the necessities of life and did not need to sell off anything to keep going.The reason she came to my office was because of a neighbor.

Let's call the woman L for lovely. L had been living in the same house for almost sixty years. It was built at a time where the houses and lots were still large and for the first 40 years she lived there, she had only two different families living next door. In the past twenty years, the house next door had changed hands more frequently, but still was fairly stable until J moved in which was about a year before L came to me.

J had made a bunch of money on a dot com and was trying to get in the movie business. He was flashy and obnoxious and basically just an arrogant ass. Shortly after his moving in next door, he paid L a visit and basically demanded that she sell him her house and lot because he had big plans and needed more space. He wanted to tear down her house and expand his house. He acted as if he expected her to just jump up and down and say," Yay!!, Mister I have been waiting for someone to come along and buy me out from my house. " Instead she treated him with respect but basically told him to kiss off and that she was not selling.

Well, Mr J, did not appreciate being told no, and decided to scare L out of her house. He first began hosting parties that lasted well into the night and made sure to be as loud as possible, and as late as possible. He had his guests park on the street in front of L's home and basically tried to make her life a living hell. This behavior went on for almost six months every night. Seriously, he took off like 10 nights over the 6 month period but otherwise just kept repeating this behavior every night.Remarkably, L did not call the police to report the noise, although other more distant neighbors would from time to time call to report the noise.

J managed to find L's phone number and would call her repeatedly day and night. Now, obviously much of this came from L, but she told me she answered everyone of his calls when she was home. She did not have an answering machine or voice mail, and did not even have call waiting. She did not want to inconvenience her friends by leaving the phone off the hook, or by changing her number. She had the same number forever and so no reason to change now. Could I fall more in love with this woman?

At least once a day, J would come by L's house (maybe he should have got a job) and harangue her in person. She always remained her calm, dignified self and would always invite him into her home and even offer him coffee or a drink depending on his time of visit. L refused to drink before 5pm. When L was relating this story, I could see the twinkle in her eye as she was relating it, but she never really let me into what J's reaction was to this class and dignity everyday. I am sure there must have been days when he was in a rage and sometimes he must have just been confused.

This same pattern continued until about two weeks before she came into my office. On that fateful day, J went over to L's house and simply said that someone had contacted the real estate agent he had used to purchase his house and had offered him a great deal of money for his home. He told L that he was going to accept it because according to J, he had the craziest neighbor in the entire world.

The reason L came into my office was to set up an LLC to finalize the offer she had made to J's real estate agent through a third party. J never knew what hit him.The way she told the tale, is the same way I am telling you now, although when she got to the payoff line, it was the first time I saw just how beautiful a smile could be. Luckily it would not be the last.

Through the parted curtains of her window, together we watched the moving vans at J's house . Just this once L even broke her no drinking before 5pm rule. Just that once.

I know that you all want gossip everyday and I will make sure to deliver, but sometimes it is nice to reflect on what Hollywood used to be and how grace and class can conquer all. I wanted something nice to say this day before Thanksgiving and also to remember my friend L who passed away earlier this fall.


noel said...

ahhh... memories... Who was guessed last time?

jax said...

Jack Nicholson i beleive as the asshat.

El- Thank YOU for turning my otherwise mundane mon-fri into a great place to tell it like it is, vent and or just have a good laugh. I don't care what anyone've done a lot for bloggers today and for the readers as well. We all have our opinions but at the end of the day I know that you respect your readers and consider some of us to be friends. Its too bad its one sided because if we all ever got in one room it would be HILARIOUS.

Have a very Happy Thanksgving to you and all my US CDANers. Enjoy a big CHUNK of pie for me!

Much love from Canada!

Anonymous said...

I forgot about this one. And it's just wonderful. I wish I had the patience of that lovely old woman. I can't wait until the man is revealed.

And thank you for everything E.L. I feel like we have a nice community of people who visit your blog. And since the login-to-comment, feel that we all get along even when we disagree.

Unknown said...

I believe L is Laraine Day. NIcholson sounds right for the asshole neighbor

The Oklahoma Hippy said...

Jack Nicholson didn't make a lot of money in dotcoms and then want to break into the film business. e

abtchonamission said...

Florene Mirisch

Caroline said...

Aw, a warm and fuzzy side to EL. Hee. :)

Just another Thursday here... sigh... I wouldn't mind a big feast today, but alas I am thinking it will be a lazy day with fish and chips for dinner!

Virgo74 said...

I do remember this blind item.

I am truly sorry to hear that she has passed!

Happy Holidays EL and to everyone!

I have busy making my pies today. Whew!!!

jlb said...

Happy Turkey day to you Ent!

Thanks for always being 'you' - you have given me so many LOL's with your sarcasm/comments... I am most Thankful for you showing up everyday. :)

Anonymous said...

Any chance it might be Marc Cuban for J?

Kelli said...

Thx for a great story.
This is the first time reading this BI. That poor lady. I can't wait to find out who the asshole is.

But I'm confused- what is going on with the trial in January? Does that have something to do with this BI?????

I love reading this blog, I go on every day!!!!

Miss X said...

What a great story.

J's identity is still a mystery? Hmmm, time to do some research!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone (and to those from other countries - have a great Thursday)!

Unknown said...

Larry Ellison is an asshole.

I'm just sayin'. said...

Awww ENT! {{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}

blooter said...

Incredible how people say the neighbor's Nicholson. Retards.

moira said...

What a lovely story, perfect for the holiday. Love this site! Thanks for your commitment to giving us the gossip, I will be giving thanks for that tomorrow.

Marc Cuban is a nice guess for J, although I don't know much about the dude.

jax said...

Justind- may i wish you a Happy Thanksgiving Fuck you!


Winston Ono said...

thanks for a very sweet story.

Unknown said...

You know, Ent, I like these stories even more than the gossip. This lady had moxie and more class than most of Hollywerid today. May she rest in peace.

La RoRoe said...

ENT, I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you. At first glance, I didn't particularly care for your blog. But now, not a day goes by that I don't check-in, lurk, post, and enjoy. To be honest this blog is usually the first place I go to...

I love your blog and your quirky sense of humor.

On days that I'm feeling like my job is killing my sanity, I log on to this blog and escape for awhile. You make me smile, laugh, cry, and enjoy life.

Don't ever stop.

I just wanted to tell you how thankful I am for this blog and for all of your work.
Have a safe, happy and drunken Thanksgiving.

WTF said...

I can't believe it's been a year already!!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

justdimd said...

duh duh duh duh duh duh.

Why am I such an asshole to people here? Probably because I'm an asshole in real life. Don't forget I'm the one who told everyone they'd be fucking morons if they continued to post here after the Timmy blind was revealed. I guess that makes me the supreme retard.

I'm a little retard with a little dick.


Healthy Habits said...

Hey Ent,

I came upon your blog last year in the most random way but I have been reading it faithfully ever since. I love how we get the inside scoop on different things everyday and not what every other gossip site recycles. I must come to this page at least 6 times a day! The only unfortunate thing is that I am on the east coast and have to patiently wait until you guys on the west coast start your day!!!!
Keep up the great work Ent.


Myself said...

happy thanksgiving enty. i am thankful for you very informative and thought provoking blog. cheers!

redgurl72 said...

Thanks for the great site Ent. It saved me from Perez and co. The people who post here are nicer and smarter than the people he has attracted lately.
Great story about Lovely L. No idea who the people are but she sounds like one of those people you feel fortunate to meet.
Happy Thanksgiving to all the American readers.

noel said...

Oh yeah I forgot... Thanksgiving. Happy holiday's all you USA people (and whoever else celebrates!!) I'm celebrating end of semester so I'll get smashed with you!! I'm already half there but hey...

Yeah I think it would be HIGHLARIOUS if we all got together in the same room... especially some and hez!! (just kidding...)

But yeah... Love you ent!! I'll never look at tom or the other celebritards the same way again!!

Keep doing what you do best...

C u all around!!!!!!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
lawyagirl said...

Ent, Thanks for the kind words and for taking time out of your weekdays to entertain us. You bring a smile to my face every time I log on.

That, and the comments (except anon) are hilarious! Keep em coming.

Carol said...

Delurking to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and to thank Ent for the great site. Love your guest's "red carpet" comments!

cwlo7 said...

I just love your site.
Today we are having some peace corp at the hotel for dinner and we are all going to try and drum up some Thanksgiving spirit.
I have printed out your thoughts for this holiday and we'll be talking about your site and throwing around ideas for the blind items. We all think you have the most entertaining site going.

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I'm thankful for Enty and this site and all of the people who comment and keep it so entertaining. Sorry to hear L passed, this was one of my favorite long posts on this site.

bluegirl said...

Right back at ya man! (or woman, although i don't think you are)

LOVE this site.

Toni said...

I have no clue who the people in this BI are but do very much love the grace "L" exhibited.

I was one of those people who helped "spike" the numbers on this blog when the nude pics of the HSM girl was posted. I remember ENT at that time saying how could this site be explained to those who came for the NSFW pics and the whole Timmy/Shimmy puzzle that was going on - etc.

Well, I just wanted to delurk for a moment and say the site didn't have to be explained. I for one came to look at the pics but stayed for the wonderful posts and the great conversations. I do not post as I am very new to the whole "guessing game" but I love the minds of those who do post and marvel at their sleuthing skills.

I very much love this site - especially the snarking - and so...

HAPPY THANKSGIVING US Friends and HAPPY Thursday to everyone else outside the US!

wood1107 said...

Just wanted to thank you for the hours of entertainment you've provided for me, EL. Love your blog.

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Anonymous said...

lol oooh jax gettin' touchy because someone called her out on not simply READING the blind item before making a guess!

kickapoo said...

J had made a bunch of money on a dot com and was trying to get in the movie business - How can it possibly be Jack Nicholson. Please READ.

EL - Happy anniversary.

Maja With a J said...

Happy Thanksgiving from The Land On Top.

Unknown said...

joe said...
I believe L is Laraine Day. NIcholson sounds right for the asshole neighbor

1:25 PM

Hmmm....according to imdb she died 12 days could be...

RIP Laraine Day, regardless of whether or not she's L.

sprinkles said...

Long time lurker, none commenter.

LOVE your site EL~I've been around since day one and can't imagine it not being here to brighten my day!

I know some people don't believe you're really a lawyer and that you are "in the business" but I personally don't care if you are or not. I come more for the entertainment factor than anything.

Happy Turkey Day to everyone who celebrates and Happy Thursday to the ones who don't!

jax said...

blow me trix it was cuz he called people retards for guessing on a fuckin BLIND item.

Pardon the fuck outta me for sticking up for the less friggin gossip savvy such as yourself, i didn't realize you could only guess the right answers!

blooter said...

you guys are some hysterical bitches.

bionic bunny! said...

happy thanksgiving and thursday to all! enty, i'm so glad i finally figured out that blasted registering thing, because i'm truly thankful to be back sparring with my CDAN friends.
i always save CDAN for last on my 'net surfing, just like my dressing and gravy on thanksgiving-- save the best for last!!

love ya!

Eileenie McMeanie said...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I actually stumbled upon this site about 2 weeks before the Timmy/Shimmy BI and have been addicted ever since! Love the snarkiness and Jax's bitching. Cheers to all!

justdimd said...

And I'm the biggest BITCH of all!

I'm also a retard with a little dick.


Kelsey said...

happy thanksgiving ent and commenters, hope it was a great day!

this was a great story, I hope it gets revealed. so sad to hear about L, she seems like a great, classy lady... who definitely got the last laugh =) wonder if J ever found out it was her that bought his house?

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