Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Random Photos Part One

Hello parents. Perhaps Amy Winehouse is not the best role model for your little girl. At the very least I hope they kept her out of the bathroom when Amy went in to do some coke.
Alicia Keys does a quick set for striking writers out on Hollywood Blvd.
With that hair, Nicky Hilton must be a huge fan of old MTV VJ's.
Like Adam Curry.
Here is the Johnny Depp I promised you. (1993)
Ellen Pompeo has been married a week and already looks 100. Having to support a husband will do that to you.
Clive Owen as requested.
Shia LaBeouf on the set of his new movie. No one asked for Shia, but if you don't want him Tracee will probably take him.
SATC has now been filming for sixteen years. A little product placement will go a long way towards paying some of those costs. Even though I can't see what phone Sarah Jessica Parker is holding, there will probably be a very tight close up of it in the film. Hopefully not her legs though.
Robbie Williams as requested.
I keep posting Rachel Bilson because, honestly after knocking her over, I realized it was the first time in a long time I had a celebrity laying down for me. Of course, at the time she was crying a great deal but, I am definitely used to that.
A new look for Kate Hudson, and a new guy. She was seen making out with Johnny Borrell in London.


Khemenu said...

Yay! Robbie! Thank you!

I love Kate Hudson's coat.

Kevin said...

Ruh Roh! Kate Hudson and Johnny Borrell. Isn't he the dude we were guessing gave Kiki the Herp!

Stacy said...

Thanks for the CLive, that made my day.

YahMoBThere said...

Will somebody ask for Christian Bale? We won't get C.B. if I ask.

jax said...

Robbie is the absolut hottness and a nice guy to boot.. a hot man with a great SOH...loves it.
El if you need any more pics of RW,let me know i have

Ps if you guys are interested his autobiog is fantastic and brutally honest.

ps Oh and Wino gave the girl those earrings anfter...ewww wearing them for the show. Hep shot coming right up!

Reese said...

I am vehemently opposed to smoking and can't stand smokers, but that picture of Clive Owen is sublime.
Johnny was nice too. Big kiss Enty!

GammaGirl said...

Clive Owen isn't just hot, he's SMOLDERING!
Can I make a request for Taylor Kitsch? I can't get enough of Tim Riggins!

Kate Hudson needs to be sneakier, isn't this like the 5th guy she's been "linked with" in 2 weeks?

Miss X said...

Nice pics today, but can I put in a request for Zachary Quinto? He's my new celeb crush. :)

ms_wonderland said...

Johnny looked such a dirty boy back then. Now he's a hot daddy. How can one person have so many different looks?

Thanks EL!

Unknown said...

I would like to put in a request for the lead guy from 300. HOT.

Stacey Charter said...

mmmm my Shia. I was going to request him but as he's such a young one - i felt extra dirty and lust in silence...mmmm

Wait what were we talking about?

Thank you enty!

MnGddess said...

Missbliss - that would be Gerard Butler. I have a huge crush on him.

Gamma - Clive is smoldering. I thinks mah monitor is about to go up in flames....

And Robbie - LORD he's hot.
Jax, what do you know about Robbie, hmmm?

Unknown said...

Yeah, I'd request more Shia as well, but doing so makes me feel a little Mary Kay Leterneau-ish. lol

WTF said...

Who knew Kate was such a slut?

Stacy said...

^^Everyone in the Western hemisphere.

Unknown said...

Young Johnny Depp.

Young Tom Cruise.

Liz Taylor tribute.

Michael Hutchence memorial.

Sarah Jessica Parker update.

Clive Owen in a Copote pose.

sneaking in:

Adam Curry,Shia LaBeouf and one of your many Robbie Williams Down Loads.

Bashing the ladies;
Mary-Kate Olsen
Kate Hudson
Christina Aguilera
Rachel Bilson
Nicky Hilton
Ellen Pompeo
Amy Winehouse
Helen Mirren
Debra Messing
Bonham Carter
Lindsay Lohan
Pamela Anderson

ya know my shoulder is always here for you if you need to unburden yourself for what your mommy has done to you.


You're on your own sissy

Have a good Thanksgiving Queenie

Snautrag said...

Yeah Ent, Bale 4eva.

Plus can you dig up some kind of dirt on him? His private life is tighter than Nicole Kidman's forehead.

bluegirl said...

Thanks for the luscious Shia, Ent. Yum! Feel free to post more. said...

I watched Project runway last night and the guest was SJP. She is so classy and stylish. While I am sure in real life she is way too thin, she looks so perfect in clothes and carries herself so well. The designers cried when they introduced her. Screw Maxim for being so ugly. Why would they be so cruel? I can understand some of the others on the list because of their out of control ways and addictive drug use. But I have never seen SJP act anything less than classy in any situation. I agree, her looks are not conventional and I don't want to have sex with her (I'm not that kind of girl) but the least sexy woman in the world? I vote for Nancy Grace, ugly from the inside out. Maybe having kids will chill that bitch out. said...

BTW, I really enjoy this site a lot, too. It's my favorite. And I am Thankful for it.

jax said...


Robbie is a sweetheart and totally misunderstood. he's very real and open about who he is.
i had the pleasure of meeting him twice,once by accident while shopping in London's Notting Hill. it was raining and he offered to share his unbrella with me...this huge pop star and ME. it was only 3 blocks but the best damn 3 blocks of my life! lol. i felt pretty damn lucky considering this was 7 years ago at the height of Robbie madness in the UK.

bionic bunny! said...

being quite the prude when i was younger, i wasn't into johnny depp until his later years. and happily, he's closer to my age, so i don't have to feel quite so dirty.... except in a good way!
keep 'em coming (heh-heh), ent!

Kelsey said...


*mops self off floor*


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