Friday, November 23, 2007

Nicole Scherzinger Loves Dressing Like A Stripper

Nicole Scherzinger says she was shocked when she first saw her stage outfits for a Pussycat Dolls show because they looked so cheap and revealing. The singer says she almost didn't even go on because she felt uncomfortable showing so much skin, and having guys stare at her like a piece of meat. A source says that no one cared what they sounded like, they just wanted to see some T&A.

Scherzinger blames her strict childhood for her prudish attitude towards the band's sexy costumes but insists she managed to put her initial fears behind her. She says, "I come from a very religious, strict upbringing in Hawaii. My grandfather is a preacher. The first time I saw one of the stage outfits I had to wear for the Pussycat Dolls I screamed. But now, I really love doing this, and couldn't imagine being dressed any other way."

So basically I guess she has seen the light and loves being gawked at, or maybe she just likes the fact she gets paid a great deal of money now to look like a stripper. She needs to have some kinf of gimmick, because to me she is not attractive at all. She always looks orange and wrinkled to me.


Reese said...

She looks like a less attractive, lower-rent version of Carmen Electra in this picture. She definitely needs to come up with a smarter retort as to why she now enjoys looking like a whore. said...

"A source says that no one cared what they sounded like, they just wanted to see some T&A."

Please....say it ain't so!

jax said...

no not with a name like Pussycat Dolls..i thought they were Christian Rock.

Sweetie you album ain't coming out,your Laguna bf dumped you and you look like a 'low rent' Carmen Elextra. Just start stripping now.

RandomRamblings said...

So basically she admitted that she has no talent and is there only to wear sexy outfits. What a shocking revelation! Honestly, her 15 minutes are up. The Pussycat Dolls are now cheap reality TV fare on the never watched CW Network and her solo career is going nowhere. Hopefully she can put those cute outfits to use in an alternative career.

bluegirl said...

"orange and wrinkled"?!? What the...? Her skin is perfect! Why all the hate?

De said...

wait, wasn't she also in that other girl band, Eden's Crush or whatever?

And they wore skimpy outfits too.

Either someone is really that stupid or the drugs that some music producers give out really affected her brain...

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