Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Random Photos Part One

Alan Cumming gets the top spot. Not that he doesn't deserve it anyway, but this is him in New York serving a Thanksgiving meal to foster kids.
I love Helen Mirren, but this outfit makes her look like a drag queen trying to dress like Carmela Soprano.
That girlfriend of George Clooney just dropped right off the earth didn't she?
Debra Messing wins the Helena Bonham Carter award.
Did someone just throw in a photoshop head of Sylvester Stallone and Bruce Willis? Being married to Barbra Streisand has kind of aged James Brolin.
Andrew G and Noa Tishby. Is that a baby bump?
I know we always joke about celebrities and their 15 minutes, but ...
I'm not sure why Pamela Anderson even bothers getting dressed.
Clean or not, at least Lindsay Lohan is giving off the appearance of being clean and she does look amazing.
Lance Bass is performing in window displays now. All the kids were like N' Sync who?
Kevin Connelly and Scarlett Johansson on set.


Anonymous said...

Hmm I'll take that snarky Clooney comment as the answer to the blind about the girlfriend who up and disappeared after refusing to be in a threesome, but is still trotted out in name.

Jolara said...

LOL...OMG, that picture with all the couples and Babs...it's so random! LOL @ Ashton...poor kid musta stumbled into the geriatric room by accident...unless he just now realized that THOSE people are his wifes' peers!

GammaGirl said...

I KNEW Clooney was the sleazeball who wanted his GF to participate in a threesome!

Jolara said...

Oh Trix, I bet you are right!

captivagrl said...

there was a clip of clooney (with the girlfriend) yelling at the paps for being reckless drivers on all the tab shows yesterday. i'm pretty sure it was the same girl.

Dijea said...

I saw that clip too, and yes it was the same girl. So maybe the threesome isn't Clooney or the girl changed her mind - maybe she just brought her own girlfriend.

Anonymous said...

Or maybe she keeps on crawling back for abuse. A little cheating and lying never stopped Krista Allen.

Mother Campfire said...

"I love Helen Mirren, but this outfit makes her look like a drag queen trying to dress like Carmela Soprano." --SPOT ON!! :)

And I whole heartedly DISAGREE about Lilo looking wonderful. She still looks like shit. That's what happens when you do cocaine everyday (and drink all night) for a few years. Its called the Bonaduce effect... (yes, you can use that.)

kellygirl said...

God let's hope they hosed down that red vinyl couch and sprayed it with Malathion

Anonymous said...

Ok, is Ashton really that out of touch or so Hollywood that he looks disinterested while being in a picture of some of the biggest stars of the 80s?! I mean, he's my age, he should be PROUD to be in that photo (even if they're all bordering on hasbeendom).

Brenda22 said...

Can anyone find the link to the blind about the disappearing girlfriend?

brendalove@gmail.com said...

I heart Lance Bass - LOL! I do though.

crichmond1000@yahoo.com said...

1. He gives me a weird vibe. I think it has something to do with the "Son of the Mask". I am not comfortable looking at him

2. She is hot!! I hope I can rock a silver shirt like that when I am half her age!!

3. Man, ya'll have got to quit taking pictures of him. He hates the attention. You're going to give him a complex. The whole Fabio thing was classic. He should have laughed it off.

4. She's a nut. That color is hideous.

5. Oh, I was looking at the dog.

6. That is not a baby bump. I got your baby bump right here. Maybe she is a real live human.

7. His outfit...he was misadvised.

8. He is really grossing me out. I feel violated just looking at him. Eww.

9. I am ashamed but I think she is pretty. I think she would get on my nerves because she is so deep.

10. He looks like Liza's Ex.

11. Yawn

YahMoBThere said...

Brenda22 -

It's from November 9th's Four For Friday:

#4 This A list film actor with A+ name recognition brought another woman home to the house he is currently sharing with his girlfriend. When the girlfriend balked at doing a 3some, the actor took his pickup upstairs and had sex with her all night. The girlfriend took the hint that she was no longer welcome, and has not been seen since with the actor despite the fact he always mentions her in interviews as his girlfriend.

See, I don't think George Clooney is an "A list film actor with A+ name recognition". He's an A+ film actor, so in my mind, he's out. I would think more in terms of Jim Carrey or Bruce Willis or someone like that.

MnGddess said...

Now, now - the g/f (grandaughter)doesn't have to be with George 24/7. I'm guessing he's a little paranoid about anyone on the back of his bike given his recent accident. G/F (grandaughter) hit the jackpot. He paid off his last g/f (I refer to her as the French bitch) with a car and a house rental until she got on her feet. I'm sure he doesn't want his new g/f(grandaughter) blabbing any secrets he has....

(sigh) I love him, and I'm a huge fan, but the boy needs to grow UP socially. It's okay to date someone a little closer to your age, George. Personally, I think he's going through male menopause...

Karen said...

That Barbra Streisand is very strange for some reason. I can't stop looking at the hand on Demi. Is she pushing it away? Maybe that is why Ashton has that expression.

Karen said...

I ment that Barbra Streisand group photo... Sorry.

bionic bunny! said...

awwww, ain't that sweet! babs brought her lap dog and so did demi!!
sorry, i couldn't resist.

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