Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Liz Taylor Parts The Red Sea

On World AIDS Day, Elizabeth Taylor and James Earl Jones are scheduled to perform Love Letters. For that one night she wants the writers to stop picketing so that everyone can enjoy the evening with a clear conscience. Countless celebrities and others will be present to see the rare performance by Taylor, and she wants them to be able to open their checkbooks and enjoy the night without feeling guilty.

In a statement, Taylor says, "The Writers Guild Of America has shown great humanity, empathy and courage by allowing our little evening to move forward."

But she insists she's thoroughly behind the striking writers: "Without the gifts of writers, the world would be rather empty. I beseech those in power to treat members of the Writers Guild Of America with fairness and decency."

Taylor has also stated that if the strikers are still picketing at the Paramount lot the night of the show, she won't cross the line, which is why she is asking them to put down the pickets for just one night, and for just one cause.

Ms. Taylor has also said that she thinks that this one night which will have so many producers and writers in attendance will ultimately halt the strike, and would be a wonderful legacy for her.


jax said...

I love Liz,she was one of the first people to come forward and help the People with Aids community without worrying how it would affect her career. said...

Ditto, Jax. I always admired her guts.

Unknown said...

Another great lady with class! Bravo Liz!

Anonymous said...

Wow she really was one of the most beautiful women to have ever lived...I love that pic of her with the salt and pepper hair in the red dress: beauty and class and elegance defined, and so regal looking. You dont see older ladies on the red carpet often, but damn she made it look good.

bionic bunny! said...

she may have been a little bit nuts now and then (at least in the ways of love) but damn, she has always been classy, sexy, gutsy and funny. i wish i could deal with my health problems HALF as well as she has dealt with hers.
and then there are those EYES.....

Kelsey said...

classy classy lady! and what a looker. talk about classic beauty.

Anonymous said...


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