Monday, November 19, 2007

Random Photos Part One

The lovely Amy Adams.
Goo Goo Dolls are back to playing malls and the lighting of Christmas trees. They are also available for parties at your home for just $199, and that includes a cake.
Saturday night was an off night for the Spurs. Alas, Ms. Longoria, was in Vegas. Hmmmm.
Sometimes I think you should just stay home. For Christina Aguilera this appears to be one of those days.
America Ferrera poses for her senior class photo.
I know we always see Zac Efron with various sports equipment touching him or near him, but has anyone actually seen him play any sports?
Imagine if you will, no makeup, her teeth in the glass next to the bed and looking at those baggy eyes when you wake up in the morning. I don't care how real, or how spectacular they are, she's going to be single unless Teri Hatcher moves way up in the age she will date. Maybe she should start hitting the retirement homes.
Don't you just love these "candid" photos featuring a perfectly coiffed Pink and her husband Carey Hart. Marriage troubles? What marriage troubles? Don't you see the forced smiles on our faces?
I actually like Damon Dash and Naomi Campbell as a couple. Just make sure to duck Damon if you get in a fight.
A new winner for the dingiest teeth in the free world.

8 comments: said...

Teri Hatcher has way too many teeth or something. She's got 36 molars on the top half of her mouth!

jax said...

She looks like a complete lush.

kellygirl said...

sounds like we got a reveal on the actress/athlete marriage that's all but over.
she's still wearing the rings, though. maybe that was all she really wanted.

Unknown said...

Eva was in Las Vegas for the HBO Comedy show. She made a special apperance with Kiki Melendez with whom she started the Hot Tamales Live comedy troupe.

jax said...

...and Tony was at home counting his Euros? Kinda weird.

Unknown said...

I sure the manager of the Goo Goo dolls can find out who you are just as easy as I have.

gossiphound said...

leave teri h alone for awhile. she looks ok for her age.

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