Friday, May 09, 2008

Random Photos Part One - With A Reader Photo

Quite possibly the photo of the year so far. Fred Armisen just cracks me up and the look on his face when he realizes it is Rupert Murdoch and his unsmiling wife next to him is priceless.

The lovely Angelica Huston.
Amy Poehler and pregnancy go very well together. When people say someone is glowing when they are pregnant, this is what they are talking about.
Alan Ruck. I do love Alan Ruck. I love how Michael J. Fox made everyone wear name tags.
CaCee Cobb and Donald Faison have been going out for what seems like forever.
Kelly Rowland - London

Wow. 70's flashback. James Taylor and Jimmy Buffett. Margaritas on me everyone. Need that three day drunk to deal with Mother's Day and all that therapy I can't afford.
So, who is the person who invited Ethan Hawke to the Time 100 Most Influential People?
And how come David Beckham wasn't there?
Crystal Castles - London
There was a time about three years ago when you could not turn on your television without seeing Martha Stewart. She's had a rough year and I'm glad to see her seemingly doing well.

Besides Zach Braff looking like a guy who just escaped into the light after a year, everyone else looks good. From L to R. Zach, Michael J. Fox, Tracy Pollan and Sarah Chalke.
Wow, Mr. and Mrs. Carey are already matching. I'm just waiting for the t-shirts with their photos on them.
Best I've seen Luke Perry look in a very long time.
This hardly seems fair. Luis Miguel is great looking, dresses well and sings great. I'm depressed now.
All of you should be thanking me that I used the shot of Teri Hatcher from a long way away. You really don't want the up close shot. Believe me.

So, you talked me into it.
It's the Downey's.
As you all know, I don't hold a grudge. Well, I do actually, but Penelope Cruz looks nice here. Now back to the grudge.
Hey it's the Naked Brothers. They are kind of like The Monkees to the Jonas Brothers' Beatles. I like how they are already making moves on an older girl. The problem is she's Coco Sumner, so I'm guessing better rock stars have already hit on her. How old is she anyway? I'm guessing 14 without looking, but someone is going to tell me she is 20.
ZZ Top & Jessica Simpson - Camp Pendleton

Zhang Ziyi looks great as always. Vivi Nevo might just want to give up and shave it all off because the placing of each strand of hair in position isn't working.
Whitney Houston - London
Tyler Perry definitely is an influential person. He's a genius actually. And rich.
Another reader photo. Have at it.


TheGoldenSockPuppet said...

Anjelica Huston, lovely? She looks like a tranny.

Teri Hatcher looks like Paula Abdul's sistuh.

lutefisk said...

I thought Teri Hatcher was Michael Jackson for a minute.
I always feel sad when I see Michael J Fox, but I am happy to see he has such a long & happy marriage.

kellygirl said...

If I had to sleep with Rupert Murdoch I'd look a whole lot more miserable than that!!!

Kat said...

Ethan Hawke looks smug as usual. He is slowly beginning to look like Sugar Ray, except an old, emaciated version.

Angelica Huston is lovely.

parisss said...

Anonymous reader... absolute cutie poa-tootie! Adorable!

parisss said...

Anonymous reader... absolute cutie poa-tootie! Adorable!

parisss said...

Anonymous reader... absolute cutie poa-tootie! Adorable!

Anonymous said...

Love Angelica Huston. She made Ever After really shine, and The Royal Tenenbaums was awesome.

Amy Poehler: I will love her forever for Upright Citizens Brigade.

Alan Ruck, damn you're just getting in some real good ones today. NewsRadio, Ferris Buellers Day Off, and his guest spot on Scrubs, all awesome.

Ethan Hawke looks, um, weird.

OMG OMG OMG Mariah actually wore something CUTE AND FASHIONABLE and not styled for a 90's mafia hooker or a 12 year old girl!!!!!!

Oh why Terri. Put away the fug EL.

Im in love with Zhang Ziyi.

And Whitney Houstons dress!!!

libby said...

will Trix be mad if I tell everyone that it's her?

Anyway, It's Trix, my new MySpace friend, who is just so very lovely, inside and out.

Trix, you should link your myspace page, because she has even better photos than this!

RagDoll said...

Wow!! What an absolutely beautiful CDAN'er!!!! Dang, Ent! This dollface didn't nab the top spot??? For shame, man...She single-handedly knocks the famous chix out of the park, and I don't even see a trace of make-up (or freaky surgery) on that gorgeous, fresh little face!!!

RagDoll said...

Oops, posted the above before lisbeth posted that it was trix!!! trix, you foxy little thang, you!!!! :D

Anonymous said...

Aw it did ruin the surprise, but thats ok. Bad Fish=Trix, I said that earlier but maybe not everyone knows lol, but Lisbeth probably did because its my myspace display name! lol. I actually knew lisbeth was my kinda gal from last weeks random user photo!! lol

*blushes* Ugly Duckling turned Bitter Swan syndrome. EL thought I'd be a Bette Midler type. Ouch. LOL.

Tracee said...

Ent, Ethan looks just as perplexed to why he's there. Whe's the last time he's done a movie?

James Taylor and Jimmy totally snuck out back to smoke a fat one not a margarita.

I love Downey. Even if he looks like Seigfried's brother.

jainypoo said...

RE: Luis Miguel...I worked Customer Service for Corona a few years back & had friends in the Marketing Dept. They sponsored both Luis Miguel and Paulina Rubio at the time. They haaaaated both of them. They may be attractive, but they are total douches. They werent even nice to the people who were giving them money for their tour. Boo.

libby said...

hey, 'bad fish,' I'm pretty thick-headed---I thought maybe the 'bad fish' name was some famous quote or musical group (especially when 'bad fish' posted and you didn't admit it was your photo.) .....i wasn't trying to 'out' your secret, non -'trix' identity here. was it secret, or did you have to change your screen-name for some reason?

i thought maybe you weren't even here yet.

but see, i'm not the only one who thinks you're super-pretty!

princess pea said...


Coco Sumner is 17! Roger Friedman wrote a really nice piece in today's FOX 411. Here's the link. Scroll down a bit.,2933,354708,00.html

Anonymous said...

heh heh lisbeth, no, its cool, I just changed the name last night is all. Its the same account, links to the same blogs and everything. I just thought Trix was getting played out, I need something fresh lol! Bad Fish suits me better.

JL said...

Oh my God, Ethan Hawke has the best doucheface I have ever seen. Barf.

jax said...

jalsup LOL. complete choad.

trix you vixen! very cute and a curly girl like me.

OT where the hell is Twist? did CO$ get to her?? COIF!COIF!

Anonymous said...

Yeah where IS twisted sister? I wanted to wish her a happy Mothers Day.

Jax please give me your double D boobs and then I will be completely satisfied LOL.

schneefloeckli said...

CaCee Cobb and Donald Faison have been going out for what seems like forever.
Sounds like a reveal to me. If only I knew which BI he's talking about...

Maja With a J said...

We're not very good at snark. I guess that's why HE has the blog. That chick is very cute but OOOOOHHH she has dirty feet!!! *LOL*

Ayesha said...

If I followed this correctly, the reader is Trix? Well, she's adorable.

Anjelica Huston looks tranny, but she is lovely anyway.

Why isn't Ethan Hawke showing us his yellow crooked piranha teeth? I hate him.

Martha is usually a classy dresser, but the pantyhose with the open-toed shoes remind me of the Russian lady who waxes me.

Ayesha said...


James Taylor has crazy eyes. He and Jimmy Buffett look very prosperous.

Amy Poehler is indeed glowing. Awww, good for her.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the feet were slightly tarnished. I was in LA and damnit, I loved goin' barefoot 'round the house. If anyone's wondering, the book was Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris.

Reese said...

You are adorable Trix/Fish. Cute and snarky is a fabulous combination! said...

Trix is a ginger or is that the lighting? Cute!

Unknown said...

aesha beat me to it: Martha looks good, but she's starting to do the 'old lady stockings with open toed shoes' thingie...

Why do I always think that it's Ziyi Zhang, and not Zhang Ziyi...

Penelope Cruz is starting to head the way of the lollipop girls. shame too, since she's such a beautiful naturally curvy woman.

Oh, and I friggin' LOVE RD jr's white bow tie. It looks so, um, snappy! LOL!

Now, I don't know if this irks me 'cause I've got 'big ones', and can't really do it myself, but why is it that members of the itty bitty titty committee go sans bra in public? Cacee Cobb needs an effin bra.

Anonymous said...

I'm a daywalker :( lol, meaning, ginger-ish.

Unknown said...

Oh, and Trix is total hottie.

jas faulkner said...

Lots of shiny happy people! Thanks for a good looking selection of pics this week! :)

lutefisk said...

After seeing some of these plastic surgery horror celebs, it is nice to see fresh- faced Trix/Bad Fish at the end of Random Pictures. Makes me forget about some of the horrors I just witnessed. Who is next?

bionic bunny! said...

ayesha-- they ARE extremely prosperous. beyond prosperous. obscenely prosperous.

thanks for the jimmy pic, ent! he actually is a pretty cool guy, even if he doesn't rub elbows with his biggest fans often enough!

and trix! you little devil! i saw that and said to myself "valerie bertinelli reads cdan?" my god, you look so much like her in that pic! maybe its the gobs of gorgeous hair, i dunno.


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