Thursday, June 12, 2008

Random Photos Part One - With A Reader Photo

Can you think of a better way to start than with Cate Blanchett? Apparently though people in Sydney must not know who she is because they gave her a name badge which probably put little pin holes in a very expensive dress.
Sticking with the pin theme, and no Boy George isn't a pin head. Just referring to those safety pins on every piece of that outfit. I wonder if they match the pin he is rumored to have, yeah, you know where. Damn that must have hurt. I think this would also be time to admit that I do still listen to Culture Club.
I don't think that whole dog walking job thing is going to work out for Adam Goldberg.
Datarock - Miami

I can't decide if Mel B and Dana Delaney are making fun of the size of Eddie Murphy's d**k or if Dana is just laughing at Mel B because she actually had sex with Eddie.
Christopher Titus is one funny guy.
Oh, what the hell? More hockey players for everyone. This is Chris Osgood.
Cage The Elephant - Manchester
Ladytron - Miami

Justin Timberlake just always has that same damn smirk on his face that says he thinks he is better than all of us. Well f**k him. Someone should because you know Jessica Biel isn't.
A boy named Goo and his bag and a really cheap tip and a really bad haircut.
Frank Woodley - H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S
I really would have loved to have been at this dinner with David Walliams and Kate Beckinsale. Then Kate and I could have left David and gone back to my place where Kate could re-enact scenes from The Last Days Of Disco. Oh yeah baby. Got the mirror ball, the roller skates. The problem is the basement has shag carpeting and about 5 square feet of roller skating space, but still, the idea is solid.

Oh Susanna Hoffs. What could have been. Of course the fact that she and Jay Roach are so damn happy makes me feel even more miserable for thinking about what could have been so then I get this whole guilty feeling thing going on which of course leads to the rinking which of course leads to the drunk dialing which of course leads to the fact she has changed her phone number 47 times. It is really hard to believe she is going to be 50 in January.

Our lovely reader photo and our reader is on the right although I do hope she has managed to convert the woman on the left.
Mariska Hargitay and the apron that wouldn't stop growing.
Matt Damon on the set of his new film.
Even the Olsen twins peed themselves laughing when they saw this.

I'm thinking about making this blog all about Deschanel. Nothing but Zooey and Emily 24/7.

Knowing that Verne Troyer will take a piss almost anywhere makes me really concerned about the wiseness of placing the Stanley Cup anywhere near him.
This is a substitute teacher in the UK. As kids are wont to do when there is a substitute, they were not paying attention and so he said if they didn't start listening to him he would strip and show them his man boobs.
Well at least he is a man of his word, although he is now a man without a job.
Sumner Redstone. You may be last in the photos sir, but not in my mind. In my opinion it is Sumner who is most responsible for driving Tom Cruise into his current downward spiral and so thank you for that. Yes, Sumner can be a prick, but I'm still grateful.


OG Gossipmonger said...

wow, i need to send in my photo!!!!!!
ok here goes:

cate blanchet: her eyes match her cheeks!

boy george: LOL. as for listening to culture club, 80's music effing rocks!

adam goldberg: i can't see him without thinking of crazy eddie & his cracker goldfish in chandlers apt....cute dogs!

mel B & dana delaney look like they are making fun of each other, actually. LOL

titus: he IS really funny, i miss his show!

chris osgood: he looks like a cross between prince harry & prince william, HAHA

Ladytron: i dont know why, but im kinda digging that nuntype outfit!!

justin timberlake has the SMIRK because he took it to the head on the limo ride over, look at those eyes!

johhny rzeznick!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE LOOKING BEAT THE EFF UP!!!!! & nice outfit, also

kate beckinsale: ungodly gorgeous!!! ugh!!! i'm also really liking the black outfit/neon purse combo.

WOW, susanna hoffs: SHE IS FIFTY!?!?!! holy crap!!! totally out of this world.

reader photo: LOVES IT!!! & i'm sure the other girl converted. who wouldnt?

matt damon still looks sexy as a nerd

michsa barton is LAUGHING AT HERSELF wearing those!! look at that smirk, she can't even contain herself.

zooey deschanel: i didnt comment yesterday but i absolutely love her, especially in Mumford.

substitute teacher guy: HAHAHAHA. camera phones sure are convenient aren't they??

well. that was fun!

Unknown said...

Justin needs to lose the Members Only jacket.

OG Gossipmonger said...

LOL dbf, i was JUST noticing that. haha

ablake said...

Cute reader pic!

Heya Ent, as far as hockey players you happen to have any pics of Sergei Federov laying around?

He's yummy

Uber*nought said...

I really would have loved to have been at this dinner with David Walliams and Kate Beckinsale. Then Kate and I could have left David and gone back to my place where Kate could re-enact scenes from The Last Days Of Disco. Oh yeah baby. Got the mirror ball, the roller skates. The problem is the basement has shag carpeting and about 5 square feet of roller skating space, but still, the idea is solid.

Instead, real life intervened and she mercifully avoided becoming wife no. #6,378.

Anonymous said...

Fuck Cate Blanchett. She supports that child pornographer who got busted for his pictures of naked fifteen year old girls getting dragged off while unconscious. She can fucking kiss my ass.

Kevin said...

So pumped to see that Matt Damon movie. I advise you all to read The Informant before the movie comes out. One of my fav books and best stories. So pumped!!

And for the Canucks, classic slimey Brian Mulroney in there. Dude is a rat!

merrick said...

it appears that matt damon has somehow morphed into val kilmers body ...

BlahFrickinBlah said...

Why does everyone hate on Justin so? He's stoned, no biggy. You would be too if you were dating that miserable bitch Jessica Biel.She was probably off with her "trainer". I have to agree on the jacket, lose it JT. You are too damn cute to wear shitty clothes.

Johnny Rzeznik? That's him? Holy shit! He must have fallen off the wagon big time. He looks horrible.

Matt Damon is a cutie. He looks pretty heavy though in that pic. Padding or the real fat?

lutefisk said...

that's not John Rzenik--that has to be Robby Takac. If not--OMG!! Johnny went downhill fast!

Bryn said...

One of the reasons people hate JT is that he is almost always rude to his fans. I've heard so many stories of him not only blowing off a fan, but actually mocking them, making rude comments and cursing when it's totally unjustified. He's equally rude to children and adults. He thinks very highly of himself and after a while, people just get turned off.

Winston Ono said...

Matt Damon looks like a Wahlberg

jax said...

JT is notoriously a prick.

what's this about Mulroney? i dont see him here.

Sumner is my hero and needs to keep up making the monkey dance.

A Pimp Named DaveR said...

If you went totally Deschanel.... I would completely and utterly support that.

Unknown said...

I'm not digging Zooey at all. She came across as not very bright on Letterman last night.

Love Chris Osgood!

Going to have to check out what Sumner Redstone did. said...

Our reader is hot with that gorgeous hairdo

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...


Cheri said...

check out the sweat stain under Mel B's boob

Unknown said...

Datarock!!!!!! *nerd gush*

No comment re: Chris Osgoode nor the Red Wings. Pfft. But I'm just bitter because I'll never see my team win another Stanley Cup in my

Ladytron!!!!! *second nerd gush*

Isn't David Walliams like, 6'4" or something? That makes me want him...LOL

ms_wonderland said...

David Walliams is the town bike - everyone gets a ride. Kate Beckinsale huh?

Amy in MI said...

Chris Osgood is an absolute sweetheart. Maybe I shoud submit my pic with him when I was 18 for reader photos? LOL! And Sergei Federov is the consumate douchebag. He wouldn't sign an autograph for my 11 year old cousin that was dying of cancer. Douche.

dbfreak said...

I can't believe EL posted my pic LOL! I'm mostly a lurker because by the time I get here everyone has usually gone home. LOL it's 8 p.m. ET now. Love this blog community - thanks everyone for your kind comments! And that is actually a fairly recent pic - it's my wedding two years ago when I was 32. No white for me!

lutefisk said...

dbfreak--very pretty photo.

Fara_546 said...

Frank Woodley is indeed all kinds of awesome.

Emobacca said...

Fuck Cate Blanchett and her botoxed face for being so distracting during Indiana Jones

adore said...

woot Ladytron! Saw them when they were here in LA. Good concert actually!

Unknown said...

Ent, thanks for killing my love for JR. What re you telling me?

adore said...

wow i don't know why my name came out as 111,

Production Girl said...

Geez.....JT needs to lay off the drugs and liquor.

He looks so OLD and he's younger the me.

Tania said...

You look good, dbfreak!

I feel sorry for the moob-teacher. He did it to catch the attention of a persistently rowdy class. It worked,obviously. He used humour, which given the little yobs who infest many classrooms nowadays, is to his credit. I'd have been tempted to drag one of them up front by his ear and smack him!

But TPTB have no sense of humour and they fired him - not only from that school, but he's banned from teaching anywhere in the county. Poor bastard has a heart condition, too.


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