Wednesday, December 31, 2008

It's A Rental

Matt Dillon was arrested last night in Vermont. He was arrested for speeding. I guess I should say allegedly speeding. I mean they gave him a citation, but by signing it, he is not pleading guilty. I mean it could have been that he was filming something for a movie, or had bees in his car or was trying o get up to a certain speed so he could go back in time and find his career. It must be really strange for him to find himself looking up at his brother now as the most popular in the family.

Of course, I think the most logical explanation for why Matt Dillon was clocked at 106mph in a 65 zone and then hauled off to jail to get photographed and fingerprinted was that he was driving a rental. Everyone knows you don't care about a rental. Never smoked in a car before? Do it in a rental. Don't eat food in your car? You will in a rental. Hell, you don't even mind spilling your drink or half your Whopper down the front of the passenger seat. Can't fit in that tight spot in the parking lot? In a rental you will give it a shot. Never been to a crack house? You will in a rental. A rental car gives you a freedom you have never had before when it comes to a car because you honestly don't give a crap about it because you would have never bought it for yourself and you can't get the damn radio to work and so you are pissed.

I think Matt Dillon was just pissed he was driving a Chevy and decided to see if he could burn the engine or he just didn't want anyone to see him. Unfortunately some Vermont policemen did. But, hey no drinking or drugs. I'm happy about that.


Ror said...

Looks like door Matt was trying to catch up to a career. Or some hookers. Or some crack. Or some hookers on crack with a career.

You see where I'm going....

And so do the cops! Now slow down all you B list monkey drones!

Kristen S. said...

We don' wan' no freakin' Hollyweird types in Vermon'! Go home flatlanders! ;)

juicy said...

Is this news now? Speeding tickets? I've seen this reported on a few different sites already today. C'mon Enty, give us something juicy!

Syd said...

You speak the truth. I drove a rented Lincoln Town car across a 20 acre rocky field in Colorado, while smoking.

I don't smoke in my own car.

notachance said...

See? Celebs are just like the rest of us mortals....

jax said...

lolol this post made me laugh.
so freakin true.
dead body?
rental car with fake id.

WineGirl X said...

Everyone knows that all Rental Cars have super powers, and it's up to you - the renter, to discover what they are.

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