Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Quick Hits

Tara Reid Is Paying For Rehab - Want to know when a tabloid is going to get sued? When the post a story about Tara Reid getting rehab for free and not having to follow the rules of a facility. When the story is blasted by the rehab facility as in this case, Promises and the story is pulled from the website, in this case Star in about two minutes. Star had claimed that Tara Reid was taking advantage of a free offer from Promises for any celebrity to come do some rehab at their place in order to get some free advertising. Star also alleged that Tara was allowed to bring in to the facility whatever she wanted, i.e drugs and that Promises didn't care. Yeah. Call those lawyers.

Beyonce - I know, I know but it is quick. Apparently Beyonce doesn't like going to parties because people stare at her. She wishes they would stop looking at her and that she feels like she is in a cage whenever she goes out. Uh huh. If it's a cage it's gilded with 24k gold and the people doing the staring are the ones who paid for that 24k cage so shut your mouth and if you don't like it then stop performing or just do everything for free. Wouldn't like that huh? What was she signing up for? She wanted to make money. To do that people have to buy your product. You want them to pay and then not look at you? Get a damn life. Be grateful.

Mickey Says His Mind - Some guy decided to share a text message that Mickey Rourke had sent him which I kind of find surprising because I am not 100% sure Mickey even texts at all. Anyway the text message basically says that Sean Penn is an average actor at best and that he is the biggest homophobe he knows so he did ok in Milk. Oh, and Sean is a friend of his. I'm just not buying this story. Mickey is self-destructive, but I just don't see him doing this one.

Just Collecting Luggage - This is the time of the year I always feel sorry for my Australian readers. No, not because you have to celebrate Christmas at the beach and use a BBQ to cook dinner because it's so warm, but because this is the time of the year when someone is actually dumb enough in Australia to pay Paris Hilton a huge sum of money to show up at some event and utter words of two syllables. When Paris landed in Sydney she thought hundreds of fans were there to meet her. Turns out it was a bunch of senior citizens who were waiting for their luggage to come off an airplane.


mooshki said...

"When Paris landed in Sydney she thought hundreds of fans were there to meet her. Turns out it was a bunch of senior citizens who were waiting for their luggage to come off an airplane."


Unknown said...

I can't picture Mickey Rourke texting. With all the wear and tear on his body, I figure his thumbs aren't too nimble anymore. Otherwise, sure, I believe this.

Maja With a J said...

It always really bugs me when celebrities complain about paparazzi and being noticed.

I can totally understand why it would be weird. You probably still feel like the same person even if you sold millions of records and made millions of dollars. I get that. But when they complain about it, that just pisses me off, because there are plenty of celebrities out there who manage to NOT get photographed all the time, and you never see pictures of them getting out of cars flashing their cooches for everyone to see, or exiting Koi or Pure or Mr. Chow's, or whatever. If you want to stay out of the spotlight, you can. If you are being photographed everywhere you go, you probably asked for it.

"There, I said it. So what?"

KellyLynn said...

Well said, Harriet and Enty regarding the celebrity publicity. I can understand it getting to be a pain, but geez...

BlackseatDriver said...

I thought we had discussed the title Quik Hitz! I know "Of the Eighties" is a natural progression, but just suppress it, like I do..

butterflyxoxo said...
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butterflyxoxo said...

Funny you should mention that... I live in Melbourne where Parisite was originally beginning her trip. Her staff had successfully found a sponser for her in Sydney (at a NYE party) but here in Melbourne NO ONE was prepared to put ANY money up to pay for the first leg of her trip. As a result, after 24 hours of shopping in our beautiful city she left for Sydney where some mob were prepared tp pay for her appearance. I am loving this.. finally some common sense... I wish I could have been present when Paris was told no one was prepared to sponser her trip to Melbourne HAHAH.
The story is below..

butterflyxoxo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
audrey said...

Wasn't there a rumor going around that Prince William was supposed to be in Australia with Wonky for New Years'?

shakey said...

Normally I don't watch the Kennedy Center's thingie, but it was just on. Beyoncé sang The Way We Were for Ms. Streisand. The camera was on her and she actually flinched at one point but recovered. She probably thought, bitch is RUINING MY SONG.

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