Monday, December 29, 2008

Random Photos Part One - With Reader Photos

I had to put them on top. Seriously. I didn't think anything could be more ridiculous than the matching red outfits, but I was wrong. I actually think Mariah Carey or Nick Cannon went and bought the dog because it is white also. For a second I thought the dog was stuffed.

Augie March - Lorne, Australia
British India - Lorne, Australia
Gone is the smiling Baz Luhrman from the pre-opening days of Australia. Now is the look of a man who directed a bomb.
Why the hell not right?
Heather Graham celebrates the world of cross-stitching
Hugh Jackman is obviously standing because he is enjoying the Knicks game.
Or it could be because of the cheerleaders.
Especially that one.
Even required a little adjustment.
Actually it is one of my favorite Jessica Alba photos.
Lindsay Lohan looking at bikinis because obviously she needs a vacation with all the hard work she has done lately.
Wow. Madonna is not looking so good.
Paul Young on the other hand looks fabulous.
As does Robert Davi who is one of my favorites.
Reader Photo #1
And Reader Photo #2
Happy Birthday to The Veronicas


ItsJustMe said...

Today's reader photos are awesome. :)

Ms Cool said...

Thanks for the DC again. Wish I could be on that beach.

CDAN Mod said...

...and who was going to see 'australia'? kidman's legions of fans? chick is the best scam running. high ass paycheck, but can't open a movie!!!

she is so much better playing down and dirty characters.

Molly said...

Actually it is one of my favorite Jessica Alba photos.

probably because it doesn't look like jessica alba.

great reader pics!

hey, enty, i found another photo of madonna where she doesn't look so great either. check it out:

Anonymous said...

That is a really good picture of Jessica Alba. It looks natural and sweet rather than posed.

The reader photos are awesome, and the little boy in #1 is just precious!

Anonymous said...

I'd have to stand and adjust myself if I were around Hugh Jackman.

And I want to see Australia, but I'm having a hard time finding a 3 hour stretch.

MISCH said...

You would think with all the work and pampering Madonna has has she would look Great...What's Up With That!!!

notachance said...

Madonna is just plain fugly. Even a drag queen playing Madonna looks better than Madonna.

Hmmm.... Hugh Jackman. Shame his name had to be associated with that movie.

Ms. said...

@ notachance
"Even a drag queen playing Madonna looks better than Madonna."

My neighbour is one of the better known drag queens in Toronto. When Nia Vardalos was promoting Connie and Carla, Richard was part of the press launch in Toronto. Big photo of Richard (in drag) with Nia was in the local papers. Richard, even though he's carrying an extra 50lbs was way more feminine and appealing than Nia...Between the two it was Nia who looked rather butch.

lmnop123 said...

Madonna looks like she's wearing a garbage bag.

Cute reader pics.

Jessica Alba's picture would look cute if she actually smiled while caring for her baby.

Katy said...

I can't remember if it was here or on another site that posted that Baz wanted to remake The Great Gatsby because he felt America needed a lesson on wealth and image. And I wanted to laugh, but was more pissed off than anything. Baz Luhrman, man of infinite budgets and frontrunner for several 2008 Razzies, wants to teach us a lesson about money by ruining one of the best books out there? Only if he casts himself as Gatsby.

B626 said...

Madonna needs to gain AT LEAST 20 lbs. to make her face look less lizzardish.Probably will never happen.
Heather Graham looks great but boy when she did those SKYE VODKA ads in the mags awhile back she was stunning.I'm a hereto but still had to do a double take at those ads.

maggiemei said...

I LOL'd at the guy trying desperately to get a picture of Hugh Jackman on his camera phone. He is in every shot!

Kristen S. said...

OMG Paul Young!! What a fricken voice that guy has. Need to go download some tunez....

budford said...

Who's the Cuban-looking guy behind him at the game?

shakey said...

Wonder Twins on top! So I went to the vending machine outside my dept and they didn't have Lay's BBQ. I've been relegated to Dill Pickle.

An upside down bikini is like an upside down flag in Lindsay's world. And I can really picture a forked tongue coming out of Madonna's mouth.

Nice to see Paul Young looking so good. One of the better singers of our time. Robert Davi used to be everywhere. Where did he go? Was he that ashamed of Showgirls?

mooshki said...

Robert Davi pic makes me miss 'Profiler.' :'(


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