Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Random Photos Part One - With Reader Photos Sure To Make Someone Jealous

And then Tiffany came and knocked it to the floor.

Eva Longoria in Glamour. OK, I will admit she looks pretty good here. They have some good airbrushing people over in their art department.
Ahh yes. Cash needs that cell phone just in case, well, umm, he wants to know what time it is.
There was not a lot to choose from today so you are going to have to make do with Kristin Cavallari who looks upset at the intrusion. Please. A few years from now she will be begging anyone to take her photo.
Apparently Kristy Hinze has discovered that you can indeed make money just by ringing bells in Australia.
Oh please, oh please to everything that is holy, let Katie Holmes say these jeans belong to Tom Cruise.
I swear I thought this photo of Kate Hudson was actually a guy at first.
Oh please, oh please to everything that is holy, let the UPS driver not see Kim Kardashian standing there. OK, that would be wrong. It is the holiday season after all. Notice the guy way in the background running to get a photo. Relax pal. No need to run. Kim is not going anywhere as long as there are cameras around and a chance to get free stuff from Burberry.
You know what? No snark for Keanu Reeves today. He went to the play of one of his friends and that was pretty decent of him.
Yes, Nicole Richie needs that cell phone at all times because you never know when her career may call. Seriously, it is ok to let your voice mail pick up a call. It was invented for just that purpose.
I preferred the shot of Carmen Electra in the rain in Scary Movie over this one of Owen Wilson. But hey, to each his own.
And what exactly is Prince Harry licking off his fingers?
Reader Photo #1
And yes, that is Viggo with Reader #2
Obviously during his retirement from acting, grooming has not been on the top of Joaquin Phoenix's to do list.
The Drones - Lorne, Australia
TZU - Lorne, Australia
Congratulations to Woody who finally got married.


mooshki said...

Wet Owen? I know I keep telling you this, Enty, but I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

ElsieFire said...

By the looks of Joaquin, I'd say he's dead this time next year. Of all people, you'd think he'd know better.

ItsJustMe said...

Joaquin, Joaquin, Joaquin... oh, Joaquin. :(

selenakyle said...

Oh my Lord in Heaven, Reader #2, Enty was right...


Don't ever bother playing the lottery again cuz your luck got eaten up right then and there!

Just tell me this--how'd he smell?

Unknown said...

Eva does look nice in the pic. Too bad you can't Photoshop her a new personality as well.

I had to google Kristin Cavallari to even figure out who the hell she is. You mean her fifteen minutes came and went and I missed it? Aw, I'm so crushed. *eyeroll*

The bell bottoms are better than the rolled up early-90s crap Katie's been wearing, at least. Or the denim cutoffs she wore with stirrup leggings underneath... I guess she was too busy being audited to look in the mirror before she left the house.

Kim K looks stupid wearing a winter hat with a sleeveless shirt. Then again, when doesn't she look stupid.

Keanu is still hot. Dumber than a box of rocks, but hot.

selenakyle said...

I second y'all's Joaquin comments--grooming may not be his strong suit but getting wasted surely must be...

Unknown said...

Oh, and I'm DEFINITELY jealous of the lucky lady who got to meet Viggo! :)

Mexi said...

love how they are leaning away from Joaquin...

Molly said...

omg - reader #2, pls identify yourself so i can be appropriately jealous of you and ask you a million questions about viggo...lol.

and reader #1, you can identify yourself, too, pls....lol.

twunty mcslore said...

Yay Woody! Now make some stoner babies.
As for Katie, how on earth do you look that slim after the holiday eating season?
Reader photo #2, where were you when you met Viggo? Lucky, lucky girl.

twunty mcslore said...

Oh, and reader #1, I think we got a bear in the house!

jlb said...

Joaquin is starting to look like Heath before he died - kind of sickly looking and messed up eyes.

I'm hoping Nicole's phone is linked to whomever is watching her daughter.

I don't think Keanu has aged really at all. I'd have a drink laden evening with him. Or twelve.

lmao I am forever changed by MK at Dlisted because Prince Harry is only Hot Prince Ginge to me now.

I wonder why the hell they would get married now - but yay for Woody and his "new" wife.

lmnop123 said...

To reader #2,

Oh no you didn't!

Now fess up. How do you know him and is he as sexy in person as he is on camera?

hotchacha said...

No, Jib, if Joaquin looked like Heath he'd still look sorta good.

Joaquin has gone the way of his scary,low-rent twin Vincent Gallo.

Do you think they call each other in the morning and co-ordinate their looks?

nunaurbiz said...

I'm eagerly awaiting the scoop on the Viggo pic too. Hadn't thought of it before, but I also am curious how he smelled ;-)

Enty, I'm having serious withdrawals. I know Gerry Butler went home to Scotland for the holidays, so if he's not around, how about an Aaron Eckhart pic? Pretty please? Drinks on me if you do!!!!!! MWAH!

Molly said...

nunaurbiz, maybe enty can give us some scratch 'n sniff pics in '09.

Green Wave Gal said...

I agree that Joaquin seems to be on the same unfortunate path as his big brother. :(

Reader #1--is that Iguazu? Or Victoria Falls? I was in Iguazu this summer! It's BREATHTAKING!

Green Wave Gal said...

I agree that Joaquin seems to be on the same unfortunate path as his big brother. :(

Reader #1--is that Iguazu? Or Victoria Falls? I was in Iguazu this summer! It's BREATHTAKING!

nunaurbiz said...

Molly, LOL! As long as it doesn't include shaggy Joaquin.

(I do adore Joaquin's acting and I think he looks unkempt in that photo perhaps unbathed and more than slightly scary, but I disagree that he looks like death warmed over. I think he's just being lazy ... btw like most men are at times when they don't have to keep up appearances for their jobs!!!! :-)

nunaurbiz said...

BTW, Happy New Year's everyone and can't wait for the reveals!!!!!


CDAN Mod said...

THANKS ENTY FOR THE KEANU PIC. keep 'em comin'. i was so UPSET by that daniel craig fiesta on yesterday.

they shouldn't have all the fun!!

signed, sour puss

Ineedmyfix.com said...

LMAO at the Kim Kardashian write up Enty!!! Lucky viewer who got to touch Viggo..mmmm....

Happy New Year!!

brendalove@gmail.com said...

joaquin looks like he's been chasing the dragon, hard. It is also my belief that he has more than just a slight touch of mental illness.

According to Perez, Nicole Ritchie sends all her sexual fantasies to Joel on text messages, so maybe she's carrying that cell phone much like a writer would carry around a notebook.

nunaurbiz said...

RE: According to Perez, Nicole Ritchie sends all her sexual fantasies to Joel on text messages, so maybe she's carrying that cell phone much like a writer would carry around a notebook.

Excuse me while I barf!!!!!!!!!!!!

trashtalker said...

Has Joaquin written his manifesto yet?

Woody and his wife have been married for years already. I don't understand why they're acting like they just got married for the first time.

This 2006 AP article says they got married in 1998:

Woody refers to her as his wife here (2005): http://tinyurl.com/9mrnvg

and here (Sept 2008):

Jessica said...

I am reader #2. Viggo smelled fine. He was very nice and accomodating to all of the fans who saw him.

Molly said...

jessica that's awesome!!! i'm mega-jealous. what a nice photo to have, too. glad you picked that one to share.

mooshki said...

Trash, I don't think their first wedding was legal.

Jessica, you are one lucky gal. :)

lmnop123 said...

Thanks for fessing up Jessica. I hope everyone has a safe and Happy New Year and don't drink and drive tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

So cool for meeting Viggo, Jessica. Was it at Toronto?

So who's our male reader? (not me)

I have to say, Prince Harry looks good.

Unknown said...

Yep. Foz do Iguacu on the tri-border with Argentina and Paraguay. Just a loyal reader of the blog. Waiting tomorrows reveals after tonight's partying on the beach right in front of my house dressing all in white and offering flowers and floating candles to Iamenja. See Woman on Top with Penelope Cruz & Murilo Benicio.
And just about to clean my pool wearing the speedos. All men do down here. Don't go EEEWWW!

Molly said...

ihpguy, thnx for letting us know you're reader #1. happy new year, speedo's and all....lol.

Jessica said...


No, it was in New Hampshire for the Primary in January. He was there campaigning with Dennis Kucinich.

VelvetStaccato said...

Sorry, but Nicole at the beach with a cellphone (and a baby) is not an uncommon sight for new moms. I should know; if my son was without me, I had my phone with me everywhere, even at the beach and once at a seminar where cellphone-use was highly discouraged.

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