Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Random Photos Part One - With Lots Of Reader Photos

Gipsy Kings - Los Angeles

Never really see photos of Amy Adams when she is not on a red carpet so thought this would make a nice change.
Ashlee Simpson has transformed into someone completely unrecognizable. She probably enjoys that.
David Beckham training in Dubai.
Julie Benz doing some great charity work last night at an event she hosted for groups doing work in Burma/Myanmar.
Mystery Jets - Lorne, Australia
Reader Photo #1 -
Reader Photo #2
Reader Photo #3
Reader Photo #4
Reader Photo #5
Reader Photo #6
Reader Photo #7
I can't believe how big Samuel L Jackson is smiling. If someone tried to pass off an empty liquor bottle as an award to me, I would be pissed. Not at the idea, but the fact it should have been full.
For Sylvester Stallone, he really does not look that bad.
"Dad. Wait."
"Yeah, yeah, I will get you the money for some new pants if Valkyrie starts to make some money. Meanwhile, Suri needs a Chanel baby blanket."
The Dodos - Lorne, Australia


Unknown said...

God David Beckham is f'ing hot...

Conner Cruise is getting a bit chunky. That's probably why his pants don't fit.

Terri said...

First of all, Happy New Year!
Thanks for the Beckham pic. I will cherish that one ALL DAY.

And does Tom Cruise's adopted on have Tom's facial features? Did he have plastic surgery to look like Tom? I"m confused.

Unknown said...

Every reader is so darn beautiful! ENT, you must be the only site with gorgeous/handsome readers!

AND beautiful children!!

Unknown said...

I just had to say that although I don't like Tom Cruise, one cannot call him a bad father.

Anonymous said...

OMG Zac Efron reads the site! (kidding, I know it's the lovely lady beside him.)

Julie Benz will always be Darla to me.

Ashlee's looking a lot like her sister in that picture.

Montance said...

Heck yeah for the reader photo with the Broncos hats!!! Gotta love them! And David Beckham - he is smoking hott!!! YUMMMMY!

emstee22 said...

as much as i dislike ashlee simpson its nice to see a celeb a few days after having a baby and not look half the size she was before giving birth.

Unknown said...

Terri: I have heard that commented on about Cruise's son before. Some have speculated that he is actually his biological father.

amh.producer said...

those reader photos solidify my decision to NOT send in my photo! :-)

hotchacha said...

Aw c'mon amh.producer! Send in your picture! You're among friends.

Unknown said...

Tom Cruise can't be a bad father because we see staged photo opps of him with the kids? OK then.

Yeah, both the older Cruise kids are somewhat chub. Maybe food is their only comfort in crazytown. And Connor is a handsome kid but he looks like his Gramma dressed him. Maybe Tammy insists he dress that way so as not to make him look even dorkier by comparison.

jax said...

damn those are some cute kids.
we are some hot readers.
not at all like the bored,bitter, crabby, old housewives everyone thinks we are!
narrow mind, narrow thoughts.

Happy New Year to all!

Ms. said...

Okay readers, out yourselves!!!

Who's the gentleman reader today?

Unknown said...

I love the Dodos!

shakey said...

Maybe Connor's trying out a new fashion trend - Dad Pants. They're really Tom's.

lmnop123 said...

Love the reader pics. Molly are you in there?

Oh and I will never send in my picture after seeing all of the "beautiful ones".

And which one of you knows Zac Efron?

If you don't tell me I just might start dissing him just to out you. :)

Molly said...

nomd, i just hopped on one last time before the crowd arrives. nope, i'm not one of the readers...but lovely they all are!

yea, who the heck knows zac e? i'm still reeling from the pic of jessica and viggo. jessica, i'm green with envy, girl!!!!

stay safe everybody and see you all here tomorrow.

happy new year!!!

Geebz said...

My fellow CDAN readers you are all beautiful!

Have fun times tonight and I will be back tomorrow to read the reveals. I am SO excited!


Geebz said...

I have to agree that Conner looks a bit too much like Tom not to be 'biological'. Hmm...

Monalicious said...

We are such a sexy bunch!!!!! I've allways said our readers are prettier than the so-called celebs we see. Not one "airbrushing" in the bunch!!!!

And the babies are too cute for words!!! Being a Momma of three teen boys,let me say, enjoy every moment!!! It goes by so fast.

Love to all my fellow CDANer's!!!

Jerry said...

from Ms....

Okay readers, out yourselves!!! Who's the gentleman reader today?

Did you just call me a gentleman? Time to push yourself away from the eggnog.

Anonymous said...

That's me in purple with my sweetie pie son in tomato red. [He's our third of four kids]. Happy New Year everybody and ---==== O an alka selzter for those who need it lol

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