Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Quick Hits

Charles Not In Charge - Charles Barkley was arrested last night in Arizona on suspicion of drunken driving. As is the custom in Arizona he was given a ticket and sent home in a cab. Don't you think part of the learning process is to actually be taken to a police station, and thrown in a cell for a little while? Otherwise it just feels too much like nothing. According to TMZ, the former NBA star and now big eater, was pulled over after he ran a stop sign. He was probably running it because he had been out partying with Jaleel White. Yep. Urkel. Probably wanted to rush home and relive the experience while watching Family Matters reruns.

Brothers - Apparently Dane Cook's brother was not happy with his 10% that he was getting from Dane and so he decided to allegedly forge a $3M check and deposit it into his own account. Of course you are going o get caught when you only have $1.89 in your account and do that. Plus the fact that he put a smiley face after his signature was a big give away to cops. Why? Because that would almost be considered funny and as we all know, Dane Cook is not funny.

Puerto Rico bound - Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are headed to Puerto Rico for the rest of the holiday season. There they can fight in peace and not have to read tabloids. Some tabloids would have you believe they will be going there to hammer out their divorce agreement. Whatever. He will find someone 18 and she will find another guy willing to shell out big bucks on her. Hello Sean Combs. Is that a wad of cash or are you just happy to see me?


juicy said...

Wasn't there a BI a few weeks or so ago about a basketball star getting it on with a tv actor? Jaleel White and Charles Barkley?

CDAN Mod said...

jlo had better not go back with 'i like to beat my women' sean 'repressed gay' combs.

KellyLynn said...

It's cheaper to send DUI perps home in a cab rather than to keep them in jail overnight, but it leaves a bigger impression on a DUIer to have to go through the humiliation of spending time in a cell near people they think are "beneath" them.
As for that BI, I vaguely remember something like that too, juicy. hmmm...

Ror said...

I was locked up for 15 damn hours when I got popped! But at least I met some swell nice fellas while in the klink.

Good for Dane Cook! Maybe he can sue and get an actual sense of humor that makes people laugh. Seriously, that dude is the most unfunniest thing ever to hit a stage.

Skeletor and LoPEZ Dispensor. Gee, what a shocker. I wonder who will end up getting the talent. Oh, wait...nevermind.

shakey said...

As you can see by what I wrote on your wall last night, I am dumbfounded (as is the rest of the world) that Dane Cook has millions.

JLo will always gravitate towards someone who can further her career. Once that well has run dry, it's on to the next.

Kristen S. said...

I thought the Dominican Republic is where you get a quickie divorce?

Ayesha said...

As much as I hate Dane Cook, it must hurt to have someone from your family do that shit to you. Especially when they are on the payroll for not even doing anything. Another reason to be happy in my poverty.

B626 said...

According to Dane Cook,his brother was a total douche to him when he was his manager at the BK grill.
Back when was unfunny AND unfamous.
Some things never change.

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