Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I feel like I fell asleep and woke up after a three week nap or something. That would be a first for me. I have managed to pass out for an entire three day weekend before on a combination of NyQuil( which is the greatest invention known to man) and a bottle of tequila. That is one President's Day weekend I will never get back. I wake up this morning and saw that apparently Britney Spears flew to Jodphur for a three day fling with a Bollywood dance instructor who she fell in love with when he directed her Womanizer video.

Wow. I really need to pay attention more. Apparently they have been dating for three weeks which is how long anyone should date before flying around the world to see their prospective partner. According to the Daily Mirror the pair exchanged homemade Christmas presents. Yeah, when I think of homemade, I think of some crudely drawn stick figure with a huge cartoon balloon saying, "Mery Chrismass."

Apparently though the couple found this charming as they hand fed each other Indian food. In my head I just keep hearing Britney saying, "When do we eat the grits?" I know, I know. The southern stereotype. I'm wrong and I should be punished. I promise, I will watch Mother May I Sleep With Danger later today.

Has anyone seen any photos from this intimate dinner the two spent together? I can't believe no one has tried to make a buck off this thing yet. The Mirror has quotes from sources about the dinner, not that having quotes makes the story actually real, but they were fairly inventive so I'm assuming some kind of dinner actually occurred. I mean the whispering and giggling could have been Britney trying to explain how the credit crisis destroyed the economy of Iceland and it's chain reaction effect on the citizens of Europe and Asia.


mooshki said...

I am so jealous. I have dreamed my whole life of finding a man who would hand feed me Indian food. Sigh...

CDAN Mod said...


is kermit your favorvite character? or perhaps kermit the frog is real and you are him. lol.

my favorite character is garfield.

mooshki said...

QS, yes, I am Kermit. Sometimes I disguise myself as a human, but my soul is always green.

mooshki said...

Gotta stop skimming these posts - I missed the "Mother, May I Sleep With Danger" reference the first time through. God, is that a classic!

i am a princess, yes i am said...

god, I so want indian buffet for lunch now!!!

KellyLynn said...

Hey, don't knock stick figure drawings. I had a four-year relationship with a guy who was famous (in his own mind) for his drawing of a stick horsie which said "moo".
Sad, I know.

BlackseatDriver said...

Did you know that Iceland has a population of approx 320,000 people, in which 528 are American? Now you know...

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