Friday, January 02, 2009

Heather Gets Off But Not With Jack Wagner

Is the headline rude? Sorry. I'm a little tired. Hell, I'm a lot tired. Apparently the human body actually needs sleep. Who would have thunk it? I saw that Heather Locklear managed to get that little DUI thing of hers dismissed. Instead she plead no contest to reckless driving and got some probation and has to take a driving class. Yeah. I feel good about this. Just got done reading about all the drunk drivers all over the US who managed to kill people this week and heard that a friend of a friend's mom was killed by a drunk driver the other night.

I admit that the details surrounding Heather's arrest were a bit sketchy, but I still am not having much sympathy for her. I think she should be grateful that she got pulled over as quickly as she did that day or perhaps she would be looking at something much more serious, and much more life altering. It's not that difficult to not drink and drive. You pick up the phone and call a cab or get someone to drive you home. Hell, I have even slept in my car just to avoid any kind of chance of causing damage to myself or others.

So, now she can honestly say she has not been convicted of a DUI and the people of Southern California can only pray that she keeps to the terms of her probation. I know I have ranted about these kinds of things before, but a DUI is just completely avoidable and is one of the most self centered acts anyone could ever perform. Hopefully she takes this as a lesson learned and we will never have to speak of it again.


mooshki said...

So sorry about f-o-f's mom. :(

KellyLynn said...

I couldn't agree more. How's someone going to learn if they don't have to go through the treatment classes, court follow-ups, etc? I know, I know. Stuff like that doesn't work all of the time. But it's a hell of a lot better than just slapping someone on the wrist and letting them back out on the street. She got lucky.

sassafrass said...

ew. this reminds me of a time I passed out drunk in my car because I didn't want to drive. the rain pelting me on my face woke me up, but it felt good so I kept snoozing. when I did finally wake up my car was soaked and there were Long John Silvers fried crunchy things everywhere. yes, I was in LJS parking lot.

Molly said...

i thought it was never determined that drinking was, in fact, involved. if that's the case, maybe the judge knows something we don't.

Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

Heather's not the good girl everyone thinks she is. Look who she's been married to, for chrissake.

Molly said...

well, since nobody said she was a good girl, you're probably not going to get an argument.

unless i missed a post.

mooshki said...

Molly, yeah, I think it was prescription drugs she was on, but still, she should have known not to drive if they were making her feel wonky. I don't drive when I'm really tired, 'cause I know I'm just as dangerous as a drunk.

Molly said...

mooshki, that's what i read, too, and while she shouldn't have been driving, enty shouldn't be chastising her for drinking and driving. that's my only point. he wrote, " It's not that difficult to not drink and drive."
facts. get them.

then again, he may be woozy and posting, so who knows? ;)

B626 said...

Between her and Mr. Sambora they can afford to buy a 100 limo
COMPANIES. That inconvenient to pay to have one on call?
I don't get it.

nancer said...

it's doesn't matter WHAT she was fucked up on. booze, pills, whatever. the offense is 'driving under the influence'---DUI. could be the influence of anything that impairs your ability to drive. DUI laws will never be what they should be. you should just go to jail the very first time. nothing like jail to set you straight. you do it again, you go to prison for a few years. sadly, most DUI's end up as plea bargains---and if you can afford some slick attorney who's really good at getting you off, you just go free to do it again. it's a totally fucked up situation but nothing ever gets done about it. not enough jails and prisons so this very serious matter gets treated far more lightly than it should.

nicole29 said...
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nicole29 said...

I think your headline is rude. I am a Jack Wagner and I feel that if you mad about Heather, than leave Jack out of it. He have nothing to do with Heather DUI. It was Heather doing the wrong thing.

ms snarky said...
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ms snarky said...

Wow. Yo, bitchy. thank goodness you don't ever leave the basement and enter the world of the living.

Heather possibly, probably, should have called a car service. but for goodness sake, the girl's alive. Should she be chastised forever for this?

I don't think so.

Move on, already. the Heath has issues, just like everyone. Cut her a bit of slack. If you can't leave your own basement, how do you tell someone else how to behave when they do?

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