Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Well They Are Just "Everyday People"

In what will probably be the only post I ever write about the new Hills spinoff show The City, I found it humorous that "everyday people" seem to resent the "star" that is Whitney Port. According to the NY Post, the people who toil and sweat each day in the offices of Diane von Furstenberg are not actually allowed to do any work. The reason? Well, Whitney is supposed to be working at Diane's office but barely shows up and when she does show up she flubs her lines on a fairly regular basis. Who knew there were lines on a reality show? Wow. The next thing you will tell me is that Rock Of Love is fixed.

Because MTV has so many reshoots they need to do each day they have instructed the people at Diane's office to not change anything on their desks. As a result, no work is actually getting done at the office because nothing can shift positions until a scene has actually been shot. Hey, here's a thought. Why not actually show a reality show that is reality and have people wander up to Whitney and ask her who the hell she is, how she got a job at Diane's at the first place and wtf they should care she is ruining their life. Then we could have them crank call her, send her porn filled e-mails and wait for the inevitable tears as they send her back to LA where she came from.

Too harsh? I just think that reality television was at its best when it actually was reality. Sure there was lots of editing involved but at least what the cameras picked up was actual reality and not some scripted show. At this point, if what the NY Post says is true, at the very least MTV should be paying all of the people in the office as extras and buying them lunch everyday. If not, I would just say f**k it if I were an employee there and do everything I could to make the filming even more laborious and I guarantee you if everyone joined in, MTV would decide that Whitney really didn't need to be at the office "working" very much at all.


Ror said...

Good! Now hopefully MTV will stop producing shitty shows and emplode upon itself. Too bad Carson Daily won't be one of the casualties.

Seriously, does anyone over the age of 11 even watch that waste of air space?

ItsJustMe said...

Ent, you're awesome - hah!

mooshki said...

I can't imagine Diane putting up with this crap. Although, I guess she does get publicity out of it. But with her clothes, she doesn't need it. Dear Diane, reality show participation is for people who DON'T have talent.

canadachick said...

she flubs her lines ? Ummm why is she famous again ? **rolls eyes** guess its NOT for acting skills

Kristen S. said...

I love the Hills, but I certainly never saw it as a reality show (more like a sit-dramedy)! I get a kick out of y'all who think it's a reality show, or think we Hills junkies care one way or the other.

Maja With a J said...

They should re-air the first 3seasons of The Real World...THAT was good reality television *L*.

West End Girl said...

Doesn't matter anymore does it? After MTV is no longer what it was launched as and is all the more poorer for it.

Unknown said...

Why does MTV even bother keeping their moniker these days? "Music" Television my ass.

The ought to just change the name to DTV: Douchebag Television. Paris Hilton, Brody Jenner, Spencer and Heidi... MTV is just like one giant Summer's Eve commercial these days.

mooshki said...

I love it, Amber! 'DTV' it is!

abigail7881 said...

NO!! Bret Michaels is truly looking for love! And the only women he can find are trying to get their 15 minutes of fame and trying to advance their acting careers. We could have the next Tom Cruise or Angelina Jolie in that group. :p

Aw, screw it. But ROL is the only "reality" show I watch.

BlackseatDriver said...

You are right, the first three seasons of the real world were great..Lets see New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles..am I right? I got turned off after people got savvy to the show and the cameras..As far as new reality...Brett Michaels is looking more and more like a tranny with every passing day

BlackseatDriver said...

Notes to MTV and DVF
1 MTV N DVF-replicate the office so staff can get work done

2 DVF-when you were quoted as saying "you should know the person whose seed you are receiving" Did alot of thought go into that? 3 DVF- Barry Diller, Really?

shakey said...

I saw bits of The Shitty last night. Guess this story explains the sour faces when Whitney was introduced at her "first" meeting. Hair play and open-mouthed gaping doesn't cut it in NY, does it. The opening credits were a huge clue that it's even less reality than The Hills, if that's possible.

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