Tuesday, December 30, 2008

When Naked Cell Phone Photos Go Bad

What started out as a girlfriend taking some nude cell phone photos and steaming up some sex by letting a boyfriend take some more photos of the act has turned ugly. Who would have thunk it? I know, I know because everyone knows these stories always have a happy ending. Way down at the far end of celebrity are some women who play in the lingerie football league. No, I swear it's a real league in different cities and everything. Apparently the starting linebacker for the Tampa team (yes, I said linebacker) was dating a guy who had started a dating site which prided itself on being a safe dating site. I know, the story keeps getting better. He is 45 and she was 24. I think he probably took the photos just to show everyone he was actually dating someone young enough to be his daughter.

Actually Melissa Berry was the one who took the photos of herself but on the guy's phone. He then later took photos of her performing "a particularly private, intimate sexual act." I'm guessing that it was not something Archie ever got from Edith but I could be wrong on that.

At some point, the guy decided to show a couple of his friends the pictures. Melissa found out about it. I'm guessing when one of the friends called her and asked how come he didn't have any photos as well. Melissa got ticked off, took her boyfriend's phone and smashed it into the ground. Thinking that everything was done she felt happy. But, of course her boyfriend had already downloaded them to his computer.

He then asked her for $500 to replace his phone or threatened to release the photos. Melissa declined to pay so the guy e-mailed all of the photos to Melissa's mom. Yeah, so much for posting them online.So, Melissa is suing the guy now. In response, this is what the guy had to say, and become the nominee for ass of the year.

“I could have had her arrested and I didn’t. All I wanted was this phone back. I am a decent guy … It’s girls like this I fight against in the work that I do.”

Umm yeah. He's decent. Anyone want to go out with him?


mooshki said...

Ew, Enty, thinking about Archie & Edith's sex life is like thinking about your parents. Mind wipe!

"It’s girls like this I fight against in the work that I do."

Hypocritical *#(@$&.

canadachick said...

well she's not the brightest now is she....she took photos of herself then let him photo a BJ ? And never once thought hmmm what will happen if we break up ? C'mon...ladies we are smarter than THAT....at least post pics of his teeny weeny all over the net first!!

Wack said...

i would probs do the same if someone smashed my phone.

but i would send the naked pictures of the guy to a porn site.

And i would go out with him depending how much money he has.

Syd said...

She's stupid, but he defines DOUCHE.

Unknown said...

Syd said it all. There is nothing left to be said.

Unknown said...

Looks like Joe Francis might have competition for the title of King Douche.

sandman said...

lets not discourage the young ladies from giving blowies or showing their naughty bits on camera

Ror said...

Actually, I think they make the perfect pair. She's another dumb attention whore and he's being a dick.

So, let them keep taking pics of you girls! (Oh no honey! It's just for me, I swear!).

KellyLynn said...

This guy needs to go hang out with wife-killer Drew Peterson. That'd be about the only way he'd seem like less of a dick.

Unknown said...

This guy is such a douchbag on many levels

1) He is 45 years old and was dating a hot 24 year old woman. At his age, he should just be happy for that.

2) He is a decent guy but sent porno pics to his ex's mother?

3) I had to laugh when he said he could have gotten her arrested considering he e-mailed orn pics to his ex's mother.

4) This guy had a dating site that prided itself on privacy? Ha!!

This guy sounds really immature. I would expect this kind of behavior from a teenage boy, not an old man with a midlife crisis.

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