Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Thailand Is The New Rehab?

While reading the humorous account in the NY Daily News about Jeremy Piven and how he picks up women, I was reminded of a blind item I wrote about him which I can't seem to find anymore. OK, I could find it, but I'm lazy, but it was basically about a guy who texts multiple women to meet him at a restaurant and if they show up, then he chooses which one he is going to have sex with. It's nice to know that he is still up to his old tricks. If you can find it in the list, consider it an early reveal because I don't think I have revealed it before.

But what really interested me in the article was the fact that somehow I must have missed Bangkok becoming the world's leading authority on mercury poisoning. Yeah, I know. All of the specialists in the world go there. The best doctors in the mercury research field are there. Out of all the doctors in the world, we are expected to believe that Jeremy was sent to Bangkok on the advice of his doctor to get treatment for his mercury. Uh huh. And did you know that due to the wonders of science and medicine that he will be fully treated by January 10th and the Golden Globes. Oh yeah, those Thai doctors will have him cured by then.

This is by far the biggest bunch of crap on the planet and no one seems to care. Everyone just nods their head and prints the crap. I have nothing against Thai doctors or Thailand, and it is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. They do cheap plastic surgery with great doctors. However, as far as I know they do not have a monopoly on the world's best mercury poisoning doctors.

Have you noticed this latest strategy by celebrities? First it was Taylor Momsen and now Jeremy Piven. They throw a doctor out there who makes some kind of pronouncement and then all the reporters say to themselves, "well a doctor said it so it must be true." How does that make it true? A doctor's oath is to his or her patients, not to the media. Last I checked a doctor's oath does not have a section about how to deal with The Enquirer.

I think it is a great idea someone came up with because it just quiets all questions and speculation. Not with me.


Ror said...

Let us pray:

Oh Lord Jebus..if thou art fair and righteous, bestow upon thy brother Piven an incurable REAL case of mercury poisoning while in the country which you so rightfully ignore. Thank you oh smitefull one.

Amen funky McDaddio

Unknown said...

Happy new year everyone, it has now been 2009 here for almost 5 hours, and it is already looking better then 2008;)

David D. said...

There was a time, briefly, when this man was hot--but now he's a slimy balding self-centered lardbucket. Who wouldn't look at a text from him and think "Wrong fucking number, buddy"?

Molly said...

happy new year, mandy, and to all the nice people at cdan.

it was looking better here, too, until i just read a post someone left on one of enty's items yesterday where the poster refers to obama as 'the chocolate messiah'. wow, are we sure we're starting 2009? the racism looks like we need to go back a hundred years.

sorry, but i find this shocking.

nothing about piven shocks, however.

Ms Cool said...

shudder *heebs * blech *ugh

I can't imagine who would be interested in him in the least.

Lil said...

This makes me sad. I saw Jeremy Piven (along with Tim Robbins & John Cusack) way back in the day when they performed with The Actor's Gang in L.A. Great play (Violence) and I've always loved Jeremy Piven's parts in John Cusack's movies. I find it sad that the Jeremy Piven who used to be friends with John Cusack doesn't seem to exist anymore.

shakey said...

Maybe the sushi there is less mercury-laden.

If this was an ordinary person skiving off work, he'd be spied on then busted by Worker's Compensation, or CSST, or whatever it is called in your neck of the woods. He should pay back all the dough he got from that Broadway play.

Tea Lady said...

Happy New Year Manda!!

Maja With a J said...

I remember that BI, thanks for the early reveal. That'll tide me over for when I go on the hunt for a particular bottle of champagne this afternoon. Why didn't I buy my bubbly in advance, you ask. My answer is "I don't f*cking know".

Unknown said...

As much as i long to detest piven, I cant help but admire the way he flaunts his sleaziness, like he just doesnt care about faking a "good boy" rep:)

But then again maybe just working a 12 hour overnight shift has sent me slightly loopy

lmnop123 said...

Does anybody know the real reason Jeremy didn't want to act in that play?

Happy New Year Manda!

Elle said...

I met Pivert one day right after he won his first Entourage Emmy. He was sitting reading at a coffee shop and we struck up a conversation instigated by me (I genuinely wanted to congratulate him on his win because he worked a long time in bit parts before he made it big and I think Ari Gold is one of the funniest characters on TV). He was actually pretty down to earth and gave me advice on some spots to shoot photos at the beach. He wasn't sleazy at all. I have however heard/read the stories, so I know he is.... but it was nice to have a normal exchange with someone that is known to have a giant ego and see the 'human side'.

Happy New Year all!

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