Saturday, January 05, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #11

August 21, 2018

Video Music Awards

Speaking of drugs, this foreign born A list rapper almost got into two altercations because her drug induce paranoia made her think people were talking about her. They were, but only to remark to themselves how she was wasted out of her mind.

Nicki Minaj


Sarton Bander said...

She's such a minger.

bunny honey said...


bunny honey said...

Hey Nikki, step away from the weed. It's not for everybody.

Adrastia said...

Get some help Nicki. You are such a mess.

AkhaldanSolo said...

Hey Nikki,
They're all going to laugh at you
They're all going to laugh at you
They're all going to laugh at you

Trapped said...

She's a mean woman

McJ 2051 said...

Crazy eyes. Her and Kanye should be a couple.

Miss T said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Amy said...

Minger means ugly in the UK.

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