Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #43

September 18, 2018

Emmy Awards

Apparently this A+ list show runner went to an exclusive party at the disgraced director's house to celebrate both their big days. I'm guessing it was not such a fun day for the party favors.

Ryan Murphy/Bryan Singer


Aquagirl said...

Idk about anyone else but I really don’t want to hear Bryan Singer’s name right now.

Still Liz said...

Fuck! I finally watched the last episode AHS Apocalypse the other night. But considering the episode ended with Anton Lavey(puke) and the fact that Ryan Murphy looks hella creepy I'm not surprised. Poor cast... those people are troopers.

orangesoda said...

This is not even a little bit surprising. Fuck them both.

OKay said...

@Aquagirl Couldn't agree more.


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