Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #27

Guess The Athlete

September 24, 2018

This athlete also has a massive ego. This athlete also is one of the best in their respective sport. And this athlete also is about to be shown they are not above the sport.

You see, this athlete is right on the cusp of reaching the pinnacle in their sport. Massive payday, marketing opportunities and championships await. But this athlete is about to be in for a rude awakening. This athlete is about to be reminded that it is very unwise to get a bigger ego than the higher ups. Having a bad attitude and being generally disliked by everyone in your sport will not help the situation either. The big payday, marketing opportunities and championships are not in this athletes future.

Bryce Harper


Aquagirl said...


sandybrook said...

You sure about that Enty? Bitch may not get his 10 year/$300 million contract but he's going to get a lot because the Dodgers want him and money isn't an object to them.

Og said...

Your comments are getting me through today

Andi said...

Don't know or care about these sport blinds.

More old hollywood please.

Moose said...

Phil’s were willing to pay anything to get him. Then all the talk went silent. Now the Dodgers are wooing him. He will still have a monster payday, but funny how all the talk has faded a bit.

Do Tell said...


PolitiJim said...

Where does this come from?

It's pretty inevitable he'll get at least $27m - $30m AAV per year - question is how many years. Scott Boras (who also reps his BFF Cubs Kris Bryant) Giancarlo Stanton has the record for a 13 year contract worth $235m, but based on other recent signings, that number could go up if a team won't commit to longer years.

Unless you have some kind of perv info on him, Phillies, Yankees, and Dodgers have already publicly expressed info to sign and have moved other players to clear cap space. I personally think he's a bad bet form a performance standpoint - (the only year he had phenom numbers was 2015 and is awful in Fangraphs Clutch rating) but the type of swing he has is probably more sustainable that the other big free agent Manny Machado.

Harper already signed a massive 10 year extension with UnderArmor in 2016 (undisclosed but likely already exceeding his baseball salary)- so this bit seems a far fetched without more info.

HushHush said...

Who? He's Alyssa Milano's future boyfriend!

redfishbluefish said...

Co-sign everything said by PolitiJim, although I would not count out the Cubs yet. If they can move some contracts, I think he would love to play with KB. I just had to comment because i LOVE the sports blinds. Diff'rent strokes for diff'rent folks and all. And also, I think Kayla Harper might have something to say about Alyssa Milano dating her husband. (and isn't Alyssa married, and about 15 years too old for Bryce?) ;)

Zeroh Tollrants said...



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