Friday, January 04, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #4

December 29, 2018

This former A+ list singer turned woman beating A- list singer is being accused of raping a woman at a recent party. She has not gone to the police because she is trying to reach a financial settlement.

Chris Brown


J said...

Quit teasing me, Enty! Omg, so hot!

sandybrook said...

I will report this to the police unless you pay me a lot and I mean A LOT of money? Is that what you are saying Enty?

Brayson87 said...

Maybe in her mind it was go through the trouble of the justice system and watch the predator walk away with a slap on the wrists or maybe be able to pay off her student loans.

Do Tell said...

Britney Spears just cancelled her Las Vegas residency, apparently her father isn't doing well.

Herbert Arnold said...

does chris brown actually have any money to settle a dispute like this?

parissucksliterally said...

I really wish these women would just go to the fucking police. Fist Brown deserves to spend the rest of his life in prison.

Moose said...

If I was a woman, and Chris Brown walked in to a party, I'd grab my coat and leave. You got to know the likelihood that trouble is in the air if he is in the room.

J said...

Rosie, shouldn't you be feeding your kid or going to the welfare office instead of pretending you're me?

As for the woman in this blind, what else is new?

#metoo starts where the cashflow ends.

AngelSleuth said...

@dotell So will her conservatorship end I wonder and she'll finally be free?

Do Tell said...

@AngelSleuth I don't know, I hope there is someone in place who is ready to take over again if she shows signs of backsliding.

Adrastia said...

Is she in some situation where she needs money immediately? She should go to the police. But of course he's going to get away with it. Maybe she already knows that and sees going to the police as pointless.

Danilo müller said...

I hope Chris gets arrested one day.

Thonker said...

in what world is chris brown still A- list? he hasnt had a song that hit the egneral public in like 12 years. I doubt anyone younger than 18 even remembers him. B- if he's lucky POS

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