Saturday, August 20, 2022

Blind Item #5

Apparently if you decide to marry a convicted killer who is also a serial rapist and also raped an underage girl you are lauded in this town. Apparently if you contribute $1M+ to the legal defense of your brother who raped his 11 year old stepdaughter, you also get lauded in this town. The music network is not only giving this foreign born rapper a lifetime achievement award for supporting rapists and murderers, but also letting her co-host this big award show. As a chef's kiss, the network is also going to honor this A list actor so the whole world can see exactly how the network feels about victims. 

Who is the overall head of the parent company you ask. Why, that would be the best friend of "The Creator" as he was recently described in a new book. The same Creator who put fear into the hearts and minds of dozens of underage actresses who had to satisfy his fetishes and whims for fear of losing their jobs. 

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