Monday, August 15, 2022

Today's Blind Items - Money

At the height of his fame, this foreign born B+ list actor was someone everyone knew at least by sight. They might not know his name, but everyone around the world could look at him and know he was an actor. Big movies and a very hit television show. Our actor had a huge sexual appetite and bragged once about sleeping with well over 50 women while filming a franchise movie. The thing is though, he had to pay for a great deal of those women to sleep with him. He then decided that instead of paying women to sleep with him, he would be their pimp and make money off them and then make them sleep with him for free. He needed a partner. He turned to his girlfriend at the time who had her own sexual appetites that were also best met with women who were sex workers. She agreed and the pair brought in women from all over the world and were making huge bucks sending them out to television and movie sets. their women were known for literally doing anything a client wanted and there were no women in greater demand. The couple were making money like crazy, but the girlfriend felt as if she was being pushed out by the actor and one of the sex workers who he was spending a lot of time with and was angling to replace the girlfriend as lover and as financial partner. In what is considered by me to be the greatest make it look like a suicide but it was a murder, our actor was killed by the girlfriend and ran the business until just recently when she finally retired.

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