Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Today's Blind Items - It's Complicated

I am not exactly sure how this actress accomplishes everything she does in a day. The amount of juggling is crazy. What is even more crazy is that 95% of the juggling has nothing to do with work or errands, but keeping her romantic partners from not discovering each other. Our actress has a steady significant other. This is someone that is seen in public. This is the one our A- list actress publicly acknowledges. 

Then, there is (AA) the A- list actress who she has an on again off again fling with, including last week when they spent two hours in a Disneyland hotel room together.

There is (BB), a closeted country singer who our actress has been mentoring. Our actress actually arranged to pay for a residency at a local Los Angeles club/bar for a month so the singer could be in town and available for hookups.

There is (CC), a makeup artist for a foreign born A+ list singer who has been on tour with the singer, but whenever she has a night off our actress tries to see her. 

Finally there is (DD). This is the most interesting one because it is an actor who is probably C+ list at best but who our actress keeps employed by calling in every favor from every director and producer she knows. DD is more of a minder of the actress who makes sure she doesn't get caught and doesn't embarrass the Svengali who is always watching. His male clients are OK with our actress being with one woman, but not a bunch of women at the same time. 

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