Friday, August 19, 2022

Four For Friday - Underage Bad Behavior - The New Generation

#1 - This A- list actress is the offspring of at least one A lister and an actress who peaked probably at A- list many decades ago. Our offspring has had multiple illegal relationships with both the superhero gone bad and also an offspring of an A list couple. Both were very much underage when our actress was involved with them.

#2 - This barely there celebrity offspring who is a model, has complained that her non famous parental unit has hundreds of photos of her naked.

#3 - This barely there celebrity offspring of a permanent A+/A lister and a lower celebrity on the list gets contact information on all types of young actresses because of what the lower celebrity on the list parental unit does for a living. Our offspring focuses on those teens not old enough to drive yet. 

#4 - This Nickelodeon actor has stayed out of the spotlight. Unlike one that has been dragged through the spotlight of his misdeeds with underage teens, this actor has been using his fame for years to troll for teens who are his fans. He never does anything with girls out of the state because he can't control them. He only finds teens he can see on a regular basis and who have unstable family lives. He is a predator and has been doing this for a decade. He is in his 30's. He likes girls who are learning how to drive or of an age to drive and uses that as an excuse to be be with them.

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