Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Blind Items Revealed #3

August 8, 2022

A couple of years ago, this documentary filmmaker believed he'd uncovered the real identity of one of history's more intriguing mystery men. His film asks us to consider similarities between the mystery man and this foreign-born tycoon, raising some curious questions about him. If the filmmaker's case is correct, then the unmasking is secondary in importance. What's primary is the recasting of the mystery man as a fallen hero, a tragic-yet-typical case of noble ideals being pushed aside when the Powers That Be come knocking. If you were promised great profits in exchange for crippling your own creation and sabotaging your biggest supporters, would you accept the deal? 

The documentary took months of investigation to reach its conclusion; the Deceased Tech Maverick was much briefer. He said the mystery man's identity could be figured out in a measly 15 minutes. 

Satoshi Nakamoto/John McAfee

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