Thursday, July 04, 2024

Blind Items Revealed #44

March 14, 2024

There have always been some freaky billionaires working at this company. It is a tech company and the sexual proclivities of the upper management have leaked from time to time. I mean, they are not like Bill Gates and his annual yacht sex party where everyone made six figures for one or two nights, but still, there are definitely some kinky things happening.

For whatever reason, a particular sex worker is upset with the client who is old and is a past CEO of the company. The former CEO and the sex worker have posed for photos together. There she is in all of her youth smiling and a foot shorter than the former CEO. She is a solid four decades younger than the former CEO. Sometimes she can be seen on wire service photos from parties with her age appropriate friends. I don't know if he stiffed her or dumped her, but she started telling friends about their relationship. The next thing you know, one of the people she told, looked into it all a bit further and it turns out our innocent twenty something with the sugar daddy CEO is actually a Dominatrix and started telling others. So, our Dominatrix suddenly decided to take a four month vacation which you can do if your personal plaything has been a billionaire CEO.

Mistress ________ is currently away. She will be back the week of July 24th.

Welcome to my domain... you may know me as Mistress or Goddess _________, the supreme ruler of ________. If you are lucky enough to experience my elite presence, all laws of your current reality cease to exist. I am not a submissive or switch.

My witty, charming and manipulative mind is no match for a submissive like you. An experience of a lifetime is what you are in for... once you enter you can never leave. I specialize in all forms of Corporal Punishment, enjoy spanking, impact play, sissy training, foot and butt worship, CBT, teasing and denying you until you can't take it anymore.

Prepare to become my slave and put in your proper place. My moods range depending on the type of submissive you are. From a playful brat to a sensual goddess to a strict punisher you may be in for a surprise. I am a petite beautiful goddess who is forceful with my verbal humiliation, and an elitist alpha leader who knows what is best for the male race.

Interests: Chastity Cages, CBT, Sissy training, flogging/spanking, foot worship, ass worship, tease and denial, humiliation, bondage, adult baby, cuckold play. FINDOM, hypnosis, human furniture, pain and impact play and more.

Eric Schmidt/Google/Quinn Martinelli

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