Monday, July 01, 2024

Today's Blind Items - The Payoff

In anticipation of the call coming, the state A++ lister (#1) has involved the wealthy family (#2) to help finance what needs to be done. He also has called in someone who once was the right hand person to this former city A++ lister (#3) who has a lot of experience hiding things and keeping people bought and paid for and quiet like the next in line (#4) to the current A++ lister (#5). At issue are a couple of things. There are of courser the threesomes with the former news anchor (#6) but she will keep quiet out of self interest. The tapes that have long been sought are still held by the former A- list actor (#7) as his permanent get out of jail free card from both parties. The current significant other (#8) of #1 has their own sordid past, but everyone thinks that is on lockdown. They would be wrong. There are men and women waiting in the wings to share all kinds of stories, including some associates of the imprisoned producer (#9) who wants to trade the information for whatever kind of pardon he can get in the state of #1. With what happened in the other state, it could see him a free man. He is desperate. Then, we can't forget about what happened when #1 was a city A++ lister and the multiple women who have been paid for years. There is the one couple (#10) though who have not gone quietly and will have plenty to say. There is also the waitress (#11) who works at a very high end restaurant who has so far stayed quiet about the parent of her baby.

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