Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Inspi(RED) Event

Not since the Heineken Light party of last year has such a potent combination of loose morals, sex, booze and D listing been seen at a party. This is the party on which a hundred blind items can be based. Let's look at the lineup.

A married Corey Feldman with his wife nowhere in sight.
Mel B and Stephen "Big d**k" Belafonte

The ultimate party favor
Snoop Dogg lite. But it will do for this party, and Ja Rule looks like he got a little head start.
When you are having a party like this you need someone to make the first move and who plays for both teams. Bai provides both.

You need Tom from MySpace there because we all know he's a perv anyway looking through the best profiles.
Do you need words from me or can you paint the picture by now?
A little play by play commentary from Ross The Intern.
One of the "dancers" from The Pussycat Dolls.
And of course Miss India. You always have to have the one party pooper. Hey and she's not in India. I have a feeling that what happened at this party stayed at this party. Well unless of course you brought home an STD.


Ice Angel said...

Ent-isn't that the very UNMARRIED Corey HAIM in that picture???

Jim said...

No, that is Corey Feldman.

Anonymous said...

Who is the "do you need words from me" the initials are RY?

YahMoBThere said...

Rudy Youngblood, dnfrommn.

mandjo said...

Ja Rule is looking rather toasty.

mandjo said...

I've always heard when they have to talk about their size....'tis not true.

YahMoBThere said...

When saying they're hung like a horse,
Of course,
'Tis from a fall upon their noodle,
'Cuz when they say they're hung like a horse,
Of course,
They're usually hung more like a poodle.


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