Thursday, August 02, 2007

Weeds And Californication Premiere--Because Showtime Is Too Cheap To Give Them Each A Premiere

"I may be old, ragged looking and not getting much work, but at least I still have a woman I can pretend is Amy Smart."
I'm sure Mary Kate has reasons for choosing to wear what she does, I've just never been able to understand any of her reasons.

Hunter Parrish just crushed his date's foot and she doesn't even blink. This is Hollywood baby. The picture comes first. Then the screaming.
Hurry. Get back to X-Files, Gillian needs the work. All she does is keep marrying badly and showing up at conventions dressed as Xena.
"Well if the Amy Smart look-a-like thing doesn't work out, I'm sure I got a shot with Ashley here. I mean Mary-Kate. Which one are you again?"Cute couple, but they are siblings. Of course this is Hollywood and this could be Angelina and her brother 20 years ago. Not saying that Angelina and her brother ever got it on. Just talking about another Hollywood set of siblings.
Happy Birthday Rachel.

"Of course I could always be with a guy if he looked good and had some money. Hell David and I already look alike. I'll even catch. What do you say Dave?" Now Madeline Zima looks like this now, but she used to look like...
this.I've never seen Marlee Matlin's husband and probably won't see him ever again. Like that porn stache.
"Speaking of porn, I would be more than willing to do a 3some. You can tell she's thrilled with the idea of being with David. Hell, I'll just sneak up when she's not looking and join in the fun."Matthew Modine and his daughter seem very close.
Sorry your ex ran off with a another woman while you were pregnant. What must make it worse is that she's without a doubt the most boring person on the planet. Pssst. Next time get a new dress. This one looks like carpet remnants.

"Sure, if the price was right I could handle it."


YahMoBThere said...

Forget posting photo's of gay looking models, EL. Just keep posting pics of David Duchovney and I'll die a happy harpy.

Unknown said...

Love, love, love Weeds and MLP is one of my fav actresses - thanks for the pics!! And the snarkiness ;-)

Ice Angel said...

I actually had the pleasure of meeting Kevin Nealon. I hired him to perform for a company event I put together. He was actually REALLY funny (we actually used him 3 times!) He would come to the event with his wife, kids, parents all in tow and was so nice. It wasn't part of his contract, but he would always come to the cocktail receptions and mingle with the guests. (And no, he didn't get hammered or anything.)

He was just such a nice, friendly, genuine person in real life. He was worth his weight in gold to me because my clients were extremely happy with him.

parisss said...

I just want to throw out that we should research Matthew Modine for the creepy,nasty, awful father in the nasty BI from awhile ago. The look on her face, and the way he looks.... It just creeps me out. I'm sorry to be presumptuous, or thinking so negative about someone I don't know- without any real reason--- but I got the heebie jeebies looking at him.

__-__=__ said...

Mary-Kate did well with that outfit. I think the only other person who could pull that off would be Angelina.

Madeline Zima obviously didn't pay any attention to fashion as a young child. That dress is just all out of proportion. Certainly makes me feel better about my wardrobe! Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Ent is always making incest references, could that be caused by his own experiences or maybe his desires?

mandjo said...

You know Parisss, I was thinking the same thing(although I hate to say it because I like MM-not the hair though).

parisss said...

I guess I'm just dying for something juicy to be revealed... wasn't there a blind item about an actress screwing an ugly SNL cast mate to break into the biz? Amy Smart?

And normally I do lots of research, but I'm super busy lately!

parisss said...

Ok. I am a bad person. The lovely Mr. Modine has been married to onw woman since 1979, and I can find no mention on any other marriages. His teen daughter was born on 1990, which just puts her in her late teens now.
I'm really grasping for some juicy reveal!

Production Girl said...

I thought the exact same thing when I saw that pic and thought of the BV.


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