Thursday, August 02, 2007

US Weekly's Interview With K-Fed's Attorney

Besides the interview, photo and publicity that Mark Vincent Kaplan received (don't you just love it when people use three names?) he also said some interesting things about the current custody situation. If you want to read the entire interview, click here.

Us: Is the question of custody still open?

MVK: The judgment could be filed but it might not relate to the current circumstances, it might relate to prior ones, and there's always an ability to at least apply to the court that you need to change in the interest of the kid.

In 90% of child visitation cases, to get the visitation schedule changed you have to show a change of circumstances from the last time an order was entered related to visitation. MVK is setting it up by stating there could be a change of circumstances here since the original visitation schedule was done. The problem with any change of circumstances petition is that if you lose, many courts will not let you come back to court and try again for at least six months and most likely a year unless the child is in danger. Therefore if you really, really want the kids you better have enough to win the first time or you could be frozen out for quite sometime from trying again.
MVK then goes on to trash Britney and praise Kevin for everything else in their respective lives which is to be expected.

My guess is they know they don't have enough to go for it right now and so everything will just remain status quo for now. MVK is just laying the groundwork, but believe me if they had enough they would have already been in court and tried to get it changed. Of course we don't know if they did try and get it changed and lost and therefore are frozen out right now.


Get a Life said... would not surprise me if K-fed is the source on the two mag articles that came out this week about his kids. Britney has made many questionable choices in her life but the girl can't leave the house without getting bombarded by the paps. Fortunately for him, he has the support around him right now and he's been smart about his publicity and playing up her publicity. When they were married the loser was bringing his drug dealer friends to the house, out clubbing every day of the week, cheating on her, etc. This is just a ploy on his end for her money.

Simone said...

Britney is a mess and she invites the paparazzi to follow her. You'd think that a young mother of two babies who did rehab would know how to conduct herself in public. She's constantly providing fodder for Kevin and his lawyers. She doesn't care, she's living her life like she was never married or have kids.

jax said...

Hate on Kfed all you want..all I know is you don't see HIM carting those kids around like dry cleaning she forgot about in the trunk. Every other goddamn celeb out there manages to be good solid and SECURE parents who find ways around the paparazzi...why is it Briney ALWAYS is entering and exiting her vehicle with the kids in full open public view??? That is not safe as shown in Vegas last week. She's more interested in attention than being a good parent.

jax said...

Get a life..he doens't need her money they just sold the house and he's getting around $6mill.

mocha said...

i agree with get real 100%
britney may be troubled but she loves those boys and isn't using them as pawns to get more cash.

oh please we all know he's going to blow through those six million (that he doesn't even deserve considering he didn't put down one fucking cent on that house) in a matter of years. the full custody secures him for the rest of his life. he would be getting much more money if the kids were living with him.

do you think kfed will actually work or get a job to support his four children, like ever?? he's using the money britney gives him to not only pay for their boys but for shar jackson's kids as well.

lets no be naive here people, this is the same "man" that left his pregnant girlfriend and child to go on tour with britney. yes she is to blame for her mistakes but you cannot deny that he conned her. pretty easy to take some young vulnerable girl for all she's got.

besides he doesn't get harrassed by photographers because he's a nobody. the girl cannot win, if she is spotted without her kids their goes the chorus of housewives asking why she isn't with her kids. when she does go out with her kids she's an attention whore putting their lives in danger and using them for publicity.

why doesn't kfed ask for a drug test? could it be that he most likely would come up positive for drugs? we all know he loves the ganja and probably other stuff as well.

mocha said...

lol jax you naive little fool, "he doesn't need her money"

then why the hell is he taking six million dollars of HER money from the sale of the house.

run along dipshit and go buy one of kevin's album, popozao. help support that deadbeat.


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