Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Teri Hatcher Copies Eva And Gets Her Own NBA Player--Except Older, Like Teri

Teri Hatcher did a lot more than just toast the bride and groom during the early-July wedding festivities for Eva Longoria and Tony Parker. The used to be sexy – and recently attached – star also hooked up with a brand-new and much younger guy, says sources.

Whispers of trouble between Teri, and her boyfriend of 8 months, Stephen Kay, first began when Teri arrived in Paris to celebrate the gala nuptials accompanied only by her 9-year-old daughter, Emerson.
Then Tony introduced Teri to a fellow NBA guard, the Golden State Warriors’ Baron Davis, at the newlyweds’ reception on July 7. And after that, Stephen Kay back home seemed to be miles from the actress’ mind!

“Baron and Teri really hit it off,” says a friend of the TV beauty. They talked and danced all night and had a great time. They couldn’t seem to get enough of each other!”

Sill, adds the source, when it came time to say goodbye after the Parisian wedding party ended, “neither Teri nor Baron knew what would happen when they returned to the States!”

As for Teri’s relationship with Stephen, another friend of the star says, “I think she hasn’t had her heart in it for a while. She definitely seemed open to meeting someone new who made her heart beat faster.”

Apparently she feels that someone is Baron – and he seems to feel the same way! On July 24, the duo was spotted together again, at the Hollywood eatery, Pace, where they sat on the same side of a four-person table, “looking like a couple of love-struck teenagers!” says an eyewitness.

“Teri and Baron were all over each other. She had her hand on his face, and she was holding onto his arms while they were making out! There is some serious passion between those two.”
So while Baron’s rep says that the athlete and the TV house-mom are “just friends,” Teri has never seemed happier!

“By the look on her face,” says the eyewitness, “she may have finally met the man of her dreams at Eva’s fairy-tale wedding!”


Anonymous said...

she's just another celebrity notch in his player gun belt.

Unknown said...

And he is just another notch in hers :)

Tracee said...

Well at least she's That's the best I could come up with.

JMS said...

Baron is a trouble maker. Conceited, arrogant, blame it on the world, fake an injury having person. If she's attracted to that ... *smh*

I wouldn't want my child around him.


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