Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Rush Hour 3 Premiere

Dayanara Torres and Amaury Nolasco are probably my favorite couple right now. It's been approximately two months and somehow they have refrained from cheating on each other or getting her pregnant.
I'm just not feeling the love between these two anymore.
Brett Ratner's just looking for who he can feel. Forget about love.
Kelsey Chow. Meow.
I love these kinds of photos. You do realize that Tom Cruise would reach just about to the bottom of Sun Ming Ming's jacket. So imagine if you will...

Rebecca Gayheart demonstrates the Paris stance to the world.
Robert Evans. He is Hollywood. He is also a plastic surgeon's dream.
I believe that is the sign of the devil that Paris is giving. At least she is finally acknowledging her hero and mentor and we know how she became famous.
"Ummm. Lady. I think you forgot to take out your loofah."

This makes twice this year that Samantha has smiled and both have come when Lindsay has done something wrong.
Just a confirmation of what she likes and I guess Jackie does too. Well so do I for that matter.


jax said...

2 things.

1- i though Robeet Evans was dead..not far off.

2- wtf is Paris wearing in her hair?? that cannot be a bow..no no no not a BOW for christ sakes..what's next stirrop pants and scrunchies??

merrick said...

paris in a bow .. lol ...i think we shall next see lindsay wearing acid wash jeans and cut off t shirts ...good eye, jax!


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