Thursday, August 02, 2007

Tom And Katie Want To Do A Naked Photo Shoot

You know every once in awhile, the perv part of Tom comes to the forefront. I hearken back to Eyes Wide Shut where he made his wife take off all her clothes while he of course left his on. Still, the movie was pervish and so you know he has a little in there somewhere. Not saying he's little there mind you, just saying a little perv is in there.

Now, Tom and Katie are feeling a little envy or jealousy over the spread that David and "She who doesn't tip" did in W. According to ninemsn, Tom and Katie want something even hotter which includes posing naked. Again, I think this means Katie posing naked and Tom holding on as if he enjoys it or just sitting there staring and imagining she was someone else.

Anyway, if they actually do this of course it will be big news, but I'm not going to rush out and buy the magazine so the millions they will probably want seems a bit steep.


Anonymous said...

This might mean that Tom would lose some of that bloat he's had lately; cuz nobody'd want to see that naked.

Kelsey said...

double ugh.

YahMoBThere said...

This reminds me of the Lisa Marie / Michael Jackson spread (pardon the pun).

Huh - I'm sensing a theme here. Maybe this is a suggestion made by the Scientologist powers that be.

Didn't work for Lisa and Mikey, though, so Tom and Kate should just keep their drawers on. We ain't buyin' 'not gay' today no matter how many nude pics they come out with.

merrick said...

there is just something so wrong on so many levels with this idea .. they are no posh/becks that for sure .. and just because you see tom/kat in sexually charged poses with your own eyes doesnt mean the sex and the charged are there ..

__-__=__ said...


ChasingHeaven said...

With all that sweat on his shirt, Tom looks like he stinks.

Production Girl said...



Thumbelina said...

Not to mention that even with the hired sex coach and pevertedness of Eyes Wide Shut, there was still nothing sparking between Tom and Nic.


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