Friday, August 03, 2007

Music News And Photos

Pearl Jam - The Vic Theatre - Chicago

Rush - Shoreline Amphitheater - Mountain View, CA
The Police - Madison Square Garden - New York
Arlo Guthrie - Damrosch Park Bandshell - New York

ASH - The Metro - Sydney
Squeeze - fuse Studios - New York
A review of the Pearl Jam concert from the above concert in Chicago.


merrick said...

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for all the PJ pics ... greatest band in the land!!

Simone said...

Pearl Jam is my favorite band in the world. I have seen them 14 times.

I couldn't make it to Lolla in Chitown this weekend, and that sucks big time.

Anonymous said...

I think we've seen that Police photo in the last month or so. Enty must love him some Sting. Maybe I'll start calling him Roxanne. (But he'll probably put on the red light.) said...

Pearl Jam kudos.

And the new Rush CD is supposed to be really good.

Caroline said...

A friend of mine got to go to a sound check at a Ca. Police concert, Sting was joking around, and asked those there if anyone could sing, her hubby raised his hand and Sting got him up to sing with him. Badass!!!


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