Monday, July 30, 2007

Random Photos Part One

Would you want a lap dance from this? Well I can honestly say I've seen much worse looking strippers. I know, I know it's a shocker, that I've been to a strip club or two in my time. I actually prefer Cinemax to strip clubs as cable is cheaper, gets the job done and you can drink. In California you can't drink at strip clubs and when you see some of the dancers, you would like nothing more than a drink or seven. I actually think Britney looks like a decent looking stripper in this photo although the one beneath is not really all that hot. The one below kind of looks like she's having a seizure which is not something you look forward to when a dancer is giving you a lap dance.

Lindsay Lohan for Jill Stuart.
Amy Winehouse for Jack Daniels.
David Arquette for whatever weight loss company he wants to shill for. I guess he's trying to fast as long as his wife.

Marcia Cross sees sunlight for the very first time.

The goddaughter is back and Jon is all giddy.
The stoned and drunk one in the middle looks familiar. I'll give you odds that the collective IQ of this bunch is about 100.
Plugs are good. Sticking your finger in a plug is bad. Juliette Lewis just wants you to be aware. Kind of her really.
If you guessed that's Fergie's mom you get a trip to the carnival. The guy is her husband and he passes out the prizes at the carnival. Interesting photo of his stepdaughter/son he chose to wear.


Bryn said...

A few observations: Britney - ugh, what can you say - especially about photo 2?

Stand with toes turned out, knees bent out and stick out your rear and your belly - that's supposed to look sexy?! Ick.

We're going to read really bad news about Amy Winehouse any day now.

Why are David Arquette and Courtney Cox both losing so much weight?

Say what you will about Marcia Cross, but her skin is flawless because she stays out of the sun. Put her next to Pam Anderson - there's no contest. Pam looks decades older. The sun is not your friend.

Fergie's parents - lol! Love the beer in his hand - looks like he had a few. You think she'd send them a few dollars to get some decent clothes.

Unknown said...

Oh gheeze Brit, you are hitting that Miss Slut look hard aren't you? Your boys will be so proud of their mama years from now when they see these!

There is a train wreck coming along the track for Amy Whinehouse I fear.

mocha said...

surprise surprise ent picked the worst pictures of britney to post on his site. there are better ones out there, i know she's still not up to mosts standards but there are better shots of her.

Unknown said...

I agree - sun is bad for your skin but they do have self-tanner - she is too darn white - almost see-through!!

Mocha - I saw all the pictures from another site of the video shoot and I think he was actually generous w/putting the one 'good' one there - seriously - the girl is a wreck and needs help. said...

Damn, Juliette, calm down before you bust a gut, girl!

mooshki said...

Pole dancing is so 2005.

littleoleme said...

Wow - the writer of this portion of the blog thinks Britney looks good? I think she looks bloated and rather skanky. You know what she reminds me of? One of those late 30's, early 40's moms' who dress inappropriatley to make themselves feel/look younger but only end up looking ridiculous.

kimmypie1 said...

Actually Ent, you can drink in some strip clubs in CA. Just not the fully nude ones. If they are only topless, you can drink.

Tracee said...

Brit lose the kegger you're carrying and you can pull off the moves you were doing in 2001. And if you wanna be a stripper, just be one already! I'm tired of looking at your skanky ass and feelin sorry for you. And yes I said skanky. You better be glad I didn't say stanky cuz you know you got a whole lotta cheese up in thare and no man wants that much cheese on his burrito.

Whew! I've been holding that in all day. Feels good to let it out. -buttoning up jeans and tightening belt-

Production Girl said...

WOW! Fergie's parents walk around with her face on their chest, LOL. we've already seen your goods what’s the point of the pole?

MnGddess said...

Traceee - LMAO

Brit will get a reality slap wen her money runs out and she actually HAS to take care of the kids herself.

(And no, Brit - you CANNOT use the washing machine as a substitute for bath time.)



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